What’s up with the P?

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What I am learning from places like InsideHPC.com and from the guys at Dell is that HPC is rapidly scaling from supercomputer centers down to much smaller organizations. It seems a more apt term than High Performance Computing – and one that is being embraced for smaller class of clustered systems is High Productivity Computing.

Bringing the huge compute power and expertise of large scale sites to smaller packaging, easy to deploy systems is a common enough story, but it’s still an exciting thing to witness.  This is how HPC technology is going to become more useful to many more customers:  by reducing the costs and complexity of the technology and by making it easier to manage and use.

I spoke to Tim Carroll, Senior Manager HPCC at Dell about what’s happening. What I found is that HPC and clustered systems can be affordable and manageable – even for small organizations. Cool stuff. Listen here and share.

About the Author: Jeff S. Johnson