What the New Dell 12th Generation Servers Can Do for You and Your Customers

We are in a period of unparalleled information growth. Data is being generated at a rate never before seen and IT departments are struggling to keep up. The march toward cloud computing continues and those that don’t adapt run the risk of being left behind. In an era where technology is expected to drive productivity, your customers need the power efficiency, scalability, flexibility, security and ease of management provided by the new Dell 12th Generation PowerEdge Server family.

What does this mean for Partners? It means that the time is right for Partners to help their customers make the move to Microsoft Windows 2012 on Dell 12th Generation Servers.  Dell has put together a series of videos on the new Dell 12th Generation PowerEdge Servers and what they can do for Partners and their customers. Each video focuses on one aspect of the many advantages this new line of servers offers to meet the growing demands of today’s datacenters: systems management, flexible architecture and energy efficiency. Today I’m going to talk about energy efficiency.

IT departments are being asked to do more with less. Demands for power and cooling costs are growing but budgets are not. The new Dell PowerEdge servers are extremely energy efficient. The Energy Efficiency video discusses how the new server offering are up to 26 percent more energy efficient than previous generations and offer a potential annual savings of $172 per server. This means that mid-sized customers can save as much as $64,000 in cooling costs each year. In addition, they are designed to operate at a wider range of temperatures and humidity ranges and are Energy Star approved.  This translates into savings for you and also less downtime due to unexpected power events such as brownouts or cooling failures.

Whatever a Partner’s customer’s needs are, Dell has them covered. And with the introduction of Windows 2012, there’s never been a better time to upgrade to the latest server solutions. The new Dell 12th Generation PowerEdge Server family is optimized to take full advantage of the new OS and works together with Microsoft to deliver a flexible, secure, energy efficient, and manageable datacenter environment.  For more information, contact Dell or your local Dell Partner.

There’s one more important reason to upgrade to Dell PowerEdge 12th Generation Servers, preinstalled with Windows 2012.  Extended support, the last phase of Windows OS support for Windows 2003 will end in July of 2015. While no one wants to disrupt a well-running datacenter, starting early is the best way to prevent last-minute fire drills. Server transitions are made easier with the end-to-end solutions, engineering expertise and consulting guidance all from one source. Dell has amplified the impact of Microsoft’s innovations by coupling them with their own industry-leading technology. What’s more, the strong partnership between Microsoft and Dell offers joint development expertise and puts a broad range of critical resources in the hands of trusted Partners as well.  So why wait?  Get ahead of the competition and start your transition to the new Dell 12th Generation PowerEdge Servers with Windows 2012 today.

Want to learn more about the benefits and features of Windows Server 2012, including how to go beyond virtualization to a complete private cloud platform? Microsoft and Dell hosting a TweetChat on Thursday, October 25, from 2:00-2:30 pm CT. To participate, simply follow the hashtag #WinServDellCloud at that time. Join us for a discussion with the experts where you can ask questions about the new platform and get helpful tips on how to give your customers a seamless transition. We look forward to hearing from you! 

About the Author: Samir Ahmad