What To Do With Your Old Computer

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I once let a CRT monitor live in the bottom of my home office closet for about two years. I didn’t WANT it living there, but I honestly had no idea what else to DO with it. I knew enough to know it shouldn’t go in the garbage… but my knowledge on the topic ended there. And I’m guessing  I’m not the only one.

Well, those of you storing old computers, keyboards, monitors, printers in your closets, garages, attics and basements: REJOICE! You can take them to Goodwill.

Yep, Goodwill. Just add your old computer to the pile next time you donate your old clothes, dishes, lamps, Star Wars lunch boxes, what have you.

Dell has partnered with Goodwill Industries International on the Reconnect program for five years. Consumers can drop off their old computers and computer accessories at participating Goodwill locations at no cost, and they’ll give you a tax receipt. Find the participating Goodwill nearest you here.

In addition to freeing up space in your closet, you benefit from knowing your computer is recycled responsibly (Reconnect has kept more than 96 million pounds of e-waste out of landfills), and your donation helps put people to work. Reconnect has created around 250 “green jobs” since it started five years ago.

So see? If you’re getting a new computer this holiday season, now you know what to do with the old one. Ahh, the closet space… 

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Topics in this article