What Would You Like to Be When You Grow Up?

I was 16 years old, sitting in career guidance class, and the teacher was talking about what subjects to choose. And then she asked ‘what would you like to be when you grow up?’ I had no answer to that question. My thoughts were miles away – every window of the college I attended had an amazing view of the turquoise lagoon of Mahebourg. A big part of my life is dreaming. But, I had never dreamed of having a life that was not in Mauritius.

Nine years later, here I am, living in Ireland with a family of my own and, as they say over here, "part of the furniture." If I could go back in time and answer that question now, I would have said without a doubt "I want to work at Dell." I would like to share what it means to be part of this Dell community and how I know that Dell is the right place for me.

I will always remember my first day at Dell Cherrywood in Dublin, Ireland, in December 2007. The site was hosting its annual charity Christmas lunch to support St Vincent de Paul. Traditional Irish music filled the room creating a wonderful welcoming atmosphere. First impressions are always right. Dell is like a huge, extended family. It is a place that has an energy of its own. It’s a community at work. I could feel that straightaway!


The Dell Cherrywood community is truly unique. It is a beautiful and varied workplace with team members from all over the world and all walks of life, with various levels of experience and education. Every single person is both unique and interesting, and this only adds to the richness of our environment

Dell is dedicated to celebrating diversity and cultural awareness and maintaining a fun, engaging environment for all. Some of the celebrations hosted in Cherrywood include Christmas lunches, dressing up for Halloween, International day, The Craic agus Ceol club (Dell Cherrywood’s social club that arranges sporting activities and team member events) and many more.

International Day is celebrated annually and is one of my favourite events. Over the years, this day has developed into a day of fun and food for the Cherrywood community to enjoy. Team members showcase their various countries through food stalls offering popular dishes from around the world – you should see the Italian food table! It is a day dedicated to community building and a great opportunity to understand and experience the rich cultural diversity that is so unique to Dell.

Community Service program

If you want to be part of a community of forward-thinking people who work to sustain the organization and help make the world a better place, Dell is the right place to be.

Volunteering is an important part of our culture and everyday life and Dell is highly invested in the community – both inside the organization and through team member efforts to improve the world around us. One of our most valued benefits is time off to volunteer and our Powering the Possible program allows us to give back to the community in areas we are passionate about. The engagement, commitment and willingness to collaborate is outstanding and it is exciting to know that there is this appetite for collaboration within the organization.

Dell Ireland is the Irish Cancer Society’s lead partner for Daffodil Day, and our annual event raises funds for nursing assistance, cancer research and prevention, and patient support services. Daffodils, with their vibrant yellow cup and saucer design blooms, symbolize hope and I am so proud of the way that our co-workers come together to make this event happen every year.

More than 2,000 people working in Dell Limerick, Cork and Dublin support Daffodil Day through volunteering and fundraising activities such as organising cake sales, selling daffodils, turning workplaces yellow, face painting, a drawing competition for the little ones and, of course, planting a daffodil in the Garden of Hope. Last year, Dell Cherrywood gave back over 10k hours to the community.

Career at Dell: Working. Learning. Growing.

Another amazing perk at Dell is the opportunity that team members have to move around both vertically and laterally to different positions. Some can also choose to bloom where they are planted, and that’s okay too. Dell lets you build new skills in different business areas, gain valuable experience and build a great career. I’ve never been more inspired, more challenged, more excited to be part of something big as Dell.

As a continuously expanding organization, Dell is always seeking to recruit talented individuals who want to excel in its exciting career opportunities.

For anyone considering a job at Dell, I say go for it! 

About the Author: Carole Wojcieszczuk