Where Big Data is going

Big data describes data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using traditional data processing methods like everyday databases. The sheer volume of data being tracked today is immense. One of the biggest challenges large organizations will face over the next decade will be finding ways to better analyze, monetize, and capitalize on Big Data. Businesses need a partner that can address the entire spectrum: data assessment, data retention, and data use requirements of this new environment. This Big Data revolution is letting companies identify trends, ine­fficiencies, IT security issues and opportunities, but it requires work, the right technology, and some sharp minds to find the valuable needles in the haystacks of raw data. 53% of big businesses are active in big data mining with 62% of large businesses currently storing at least 100 TB of data. 32% of business said they expect to double the amount of data they store in the next two to three years. Find out more about Big Data storage solutions or the cloud computing solutions that are available.

About the Author: Alan McMahon