Where Change Meets Its Match: PowerEdge Servers with AMD EPYC Processors Have Arrived

There are two common challenges I hear from our customers when I ask how they are managing their IT transformation:

  1. Pace of Change
  2. Scope of Change

Businesses, regardless of their industry, need to be nimble in their strategy, efficient in the operations and responsive to their customers. It has become necessary for enterprises to innovate in all aspects of their business. Innovation is no longer confined to a limited group of people or restricted to some remote corner of the business. I see businesses, big and small, innovate in all aspects – build better products like Otto Motors, streamline operations and improve customer experience. The pace and scope of the change our customers experience is, paradoxically, relentless and constant. It is a testimony to our customers’ tenacity as they manage this change.

Using the right technology to drive innovation further and faster has become a strategic priority. Take, for example, the retail industry. Retailers need to closely track their inventory, monitor the product velocity and continuously improve customer experience. The Internet of Things (IoT) is enabling these retailers to monitor, analyze and respond to a dynamic situation in an effective manner. Similar innovations are emerging across industries and verticals creating complex, dynamic and demanding workloads. Supporting these emerging innovations require robust yet flexible technology platforms. These technology platforms should also have high performance, be scalable and provide maximum ROI.

To help businesses derive maximum value from these dual challenges of pace and scope of change, Dell EMC is expanding its formidable PowerEdge portfolio of servers with the PowerEdge R6415, PowerEdge R7415 and PowerEdge R7425. These three new PowerEdge servers, built with AMD EPYC™ processors, broaden our customers’ options in managing their IT transformation efforts effectively. Each PowerEdge server platform has been engineered and optimized to meet the complex computational and storage demands of the emerging and disruptive workloads such as:

  • EDGE Computing Workloads – require server platforms that can not only handle the massive amounts of data created at the edge but have the performance density to manage these computations. The PowerEdge R6415 is a highly configurable, 1U single-socket server with up to 32 cores that offers the ultra-dense, scale-out computing capabilities needed for EDGE. With a support for up to 10 PCIe NVMe drives, the R6415 provides critical storage flexibility required for these workloads.
  • Software Defined Storage (SDS) Workloads – have to manage exploding rates of data efficiently, securely and seamlessly across pooled resources. The PowerEdge R7415 is a 2U, single-socket with 128 PCIe lanes provides the bandwidth necessary for virtualization and supporting up to 24 NVMe drives for extreme storage requirements. The R7415 is the first AMD EPYC-based server platform certified as VMware vSAN Ready Node and offers up to 20% better TCO per four-node cluster for vSAN deployments at the edge.
  • High-Performance Computing (HPC) Workloads – require server platforms not only with high performance but also the large bandwidth to move the results of the computations appropriately. The PowerEdge R7425 is a 2U, dual-socket has up to 64 cores and supports up to 4TB to provide the kind of accelerated computing that HPC workloads demand. It has been shown that the R7425 can deliver up to 25% superior performance for HPC workloads such as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Just as all the other servers of 14th generation of PowerEdge servers, these three servers provide enterprises additional advantages:

  • Intelligent automation through the very versatile iDRAC9 and easy system management support through Quick Sync 2
  • The protection provided by PowerEdge’s integrated security features such as the cyber resilient architecture

We know the pace and scope of change will remain key challenges for our customers as they manage their IT Transformations, but with these customer-inspired features aimed to tackle these critical workloads, we’re confident these three new servers expand the Dell EMC PowerEdge portfolio in supporting our customers’ IT infrastructure needs.

We continue to actively listen to our customers and ensure they are able to make the most of their data through our solutions. Just as the pace and scope of change remains challenging for our customers, building the right solutions continue to be a responsibility for us. I’m looking forward to continuing the journey with them.

Learn more about the complete PowerEdge portfolio at dellemc.com/Servers . Read the press release of these products and join the conversation at @DellEMCservers.

About the Author: Ashley Gorakhpurwalla

Ashley Gorakhpurwalla has more than 25 years of engineering, business management and executive leadership experience in the IT Industry. He is President and General Manager of Dell EMC’s Server Solutions business, which is responsible for the development of Dell EMC’s broad server solution portfolio, including its innovative and award-winning PowerEdge platforms. Ashley has deep roots in engineering, proven leadership skills, and a commitment to driving innovation on behalf of partners and customers.