Why Dell Network Security? Dell SuperMassive Received High Ranks

 As network usage has evolved in the last 10 years, so too has firewall technology; we are no longer limited to only layers two, three and four in the OSI model but rather now have access to full inspection of layers two through seven. Dell’s hardened security appliances utilize a real-time operating system and specialized multi-core security processors. Designed for some of the world’s most demanding environments, Dell Network Security delivers superior threat protection and peace of mind to information security personnel in organizations of any size.

Enforcing acceptable use policies is a snap thanks to the intuitive and powerful graphical user interface found in Dell’s Next-Generation Firewalls. Plus, unlike competing solutions that rely on ‘tuning’ the Intrusion Prevention System  (IPS) to reduce performance degradation by only subjecting some traffic to full packet inspection, Dell firewalls are designed to provide high performance inspection of all traffic regardless of the application, port, protocol or user. This is especially important when considering the way we now use computers and mobile devices.

Applications are delivered over the web; think about the way you use your computer, then multiple that by however many people are in your office. Many employees are going to have traffic going to things such as Facebook, LinkedIn, sales force.com, Share Point and YouTube. Dell’s firewalls enable an IT administrator to limit or prioritize how much bandwidth is available to applications based on their business need; that provides a huge advantage in how productive and responsive the network is for users. At the same time, all of that traffic is inspected and threats are filtered out, so they cannot harm the network or its users. This can be difficult to accomplish and has proved to be quite challenging for many competitors; especially when you complicate things by throwing in SSL encrypted traffic.

To overcome these challenges, Dell has built a patented single-pass inspection engine designed to deliver high security effectiveness, high network performance, and low latency. Sure, many people can claim to have a good product but how many can actually prove it? Dell Network Security regularly submits our products for reviews and independent 3rd party testing to demonstrate our commitment to delivering a quality product.

Last month, we submitted the Dell SonicWALL SuperMassive 9200 for review to Government Computer Networks. This media outlet specializes in evaluating and testing IT equipment in an effort determine whether it is qualified to protect government networks. Not only did the SuperMassive 9200 earn GCN’s recommendation, but it also posted a 98.8 percent security effectiveness rating and achieved 4.5 Gbps of fully inspected traffic. Check out the review, Dell did fantastic.

About the Author: Daniel Ayoub