Why OEMs like Emerson and Carestream are looking to leverage the Dell PowerEdge VRTX

by Yogev Shimony, Dell OEM Solutions Consultant

Expanding our enterprise portfolio for OEMs to include shared infrastructure

Looking for a simple and integrated solution that would allow you to have the computing power of a data center in desk-side, space-saving design? Dell’s customer-inspired PowerEdge VRTX does exactly that. It integrates servers, storage and networking into a single quiet office-optimized chassis the size of a tower server. This simple and sleek solution provides you with up to 4 blade servers, up to 48TB of integrated storage, and network switching.  Even better, this solution includes a unified systems management console for easy setup and configuration!

Why VRTX makes sense for OEMs

Integrated, pre-tested and certified, VRTX delivers a complete technology platform that OEM’s can deploy smoothly and operate confidently. All in a quiet package small enough to fit in a regular office or other space-constrained areas (like a hospital room or manufacturing floor.)

Key benefits for OEM Customers include:

  • Everything is included—from servers to storage to networking
  • Office-level acoustics and power—no special power or cooling is required
  • Eliminate hours of valuable setup time with  faster deployment, easier updates and remote configuration
  • Reclaim space and reduce cabling

  • Simplify monitoring and management with a unified, integrated console

  • Scale and grow with your customers’ business needs
  • Protect your investment with a flexible platform that supports future technologies

  • Support and maintain with Dell’s ProSupport services

OEM Customer: Emerson Process Management

Read how Dell PowerEdge VRTX helps global manufacturing and technology leader Emerson to reduce complexity and provide a better experience for their customers.

emerson_process_management_135425“Emerson Process Management customers are increasingly demanding virtualization technology because it makes it easier and more efficient for them to install, run and expand our process automation systems in their operations, particularly in remote locations,” said David Imming, vice president of product and services marketing for Emerson Process Management, a global manufacturing and technology company whose customers run highly sophisticated and complex process operations. “To date, virtualization technologies have required expensive, time-consuming and complex server technology installations. Emerson’s early tests of the new Dell PowerEdge VRTX show that it significantly reduces the time, costs, footprint and IT expertise needed for our customers to run and expand their process automation systems. This complements Emerson’s vision and our focus on Human Centered Design to help our customers get the greatest value from their technology investments and operate their facilities safer, more reliably and with reduced complexity.”

OEM Customer: Carestream

Carestream, a global leader in medical imaging IT, calling VRTX a game changer for its Healthcare customers.


“I have worked in the IT industry for over 10 years and this is the first time that I have seen a solution for the medical IT that consolidates servers (blades), storage and networking into one single chassis. It’s a revolutionary product and one that will change the way that small/medium hospitals and other healthcare organisations with a number of branches manage their IT infrastructure. As a provider of healthcare information system technology, Dell’s PowerEdge VRTX could set us apart from others in the industry as we are able to provide our customers with exactly what they want and need – a consolidated, simplified infrastructure that can be managed by just one person (rather than separate storage and server administrators) from a centralised console. Our smaller healthcare clients no longer need to purchase separate storage and servers, but can instead opt for a more cost-effective solution that still offers the level of performance and storage capacity that they require.” Ishai Tal, head of platform at Carestream “

Carestream is a global leader in medical imaging IT. It provides workflow solutions such as picture archiving and communication systems (PACS),vendor-neutral archiving (VNA) and a universal imaging viewer for referring physicians. Besides supplying on-site solutions, Carestream provides cloud-based services managed through a cost-per-procedure operational model.


Several other OEMs have already contacted us for units to test their solutions on.  If you are interested in learning more about how your can leverage Dell VRTX, contact our OEM consultants.

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