WiMAX Option Arrives on the New Mini 10

I’ve been interested in WiMAX since before we started offering it as an option on two laptops last year. Since then, we’ve added it as an option on several more Studio, Vostro and Latitude notebooks.Today, you can add the new Inspiron Mini 10 to that list. Like on our other laptops, customers who opt for the WiMAX path will get an internal combo mini card that can connect to WiMAX and to Wi-Fi networks.

I asked Neeraj Choubey for his perspective on WiMAX when we discussed the Mini 5 and tablets overall, he had pretty positive things to say about its potential. And much like a recent report showed, he made the point that while it's reach is being expanded in the United States, it's really expanding throughout Asia and Europe and specific countries as well. So, what's the benefit of WiMAX? After getting some experience with WiMAX myself, I'd say 2 things: mobile flexibility and mobile Internet access speeds. Since it covers much more distance than a Wi-Fi network, it functions in a way that's similar to mobile broadband (except WiMAX is based on 4G mobile technology). In areas where WiMAX is supported, that means you can connect to the web while riding in a car, outside walking around in your neighborhood, or even on the side of the road. Besides not having to find a hotspot, the mobile download speeds are fast. To put it in perspective, I'm able to get around 8Mbps from my driveway. Rock on.

When you look at the mobile benefits that a wireless technology like WiMAX represents, it is a natural fit for a Mini customer who wants portability plus easy connectivity to the web on the go. If you're a customer in the United States, you can click here to check if WiMAX has made it to where you live. What we're offering on the new Mini 10 is an internal combo card that can connect to WiMAX or Wi-Fi via 802.11a/g or n.On the Wi-Fi side, the 2×2 card supports enhanced 802.11n access.

The internal WiMAX combo card is available as a $60 option for new Mini 10 customers in the United States at this point. Here's the page from the configurator. Click on it to go right to the Mini 10:

If you're already using the mobile WiMAX service, would love to hear your experiences in the comments below. If you've got questions about WiMAX and how we offer it, would love to hear them as well.

About the Author: Lionel Menchaca