Windows 7 Beta Experience

There have been millions of downloads of the Windows 7 beta since Microsoft made it official back in January this year. Since then, it's been good to see positive reactions to it in the blogosphere. As we all wait for the release of Windows 7 Release Candidate, I thought you might be interested in hearing about our experiences with the Beta Code.

Over the last month we have been testing hundreds of Dell systems and the results are promising.  

Here’s a peek into what we are seeing when testing:

  • On many systems we are seeing noticeable improvements in boot to desktop times (versus Vista)
  • Almost all existing Vista drivers are working – great sign in terms of compatibility
  • Vista Application compatibility is promising as well (including the IE 8 compatibility mode)
  • Transcoding (ripping) media files is faster than Vista

More to come as we test on later builds of Windows 7.

We would love to hear more about your experiences with Windows 7 on your Dell PC.  What did you like?  What may not be as useful?  Send us your thoughts.

About the Author: Daniel Judd