Winning the hearts and minds of users – Dell products win prestigious technology award

The Dell Large Enterprise Product Reviews program gives key IT publications an opportunity to test, evaluate and run our client, server and storage technology through its paces. It is vital to give reviewers a hands-on experience so we can get feedback and third-party credibility. 

The Dell LE Product Review program is the means by which we place our newest clients, servers, workstations, and storage products into the hands of those influencers, like InfoWorld, who write for industry trade publications — for review and analysis. A positive review from one of these sources helps validate the value proposition our various technologies have with customers.

Reviews are a highly effective and credible way of communicating key product messaging to our target audience through a respected third party. We know customers look for opinions they trust before making purchase decisions. Many customers look to those we call industry influencers, a person/blogger who has influence with their readers, for those opinions. It is a way to win the hearts and minds of our customers. To that end, one of the most respected product test centers in the industry, InfoWorld Test Center, gave two Dell products high marks in their InfoWorld's 2011 Technology of the Year awards

Read what product managers Suresh Jasrasaria, team lead EqualLogic product marketing, and Don Maynard, Precision brand marketing have to say about their products' respective awards:

2011 InfoWorld Test Center reviews:

About the Author: Brett Jacobs