With VMware Embedded, OEMs Have Even More Options

What motivates you to get up every day? For me, the answer is pretty simple, I’m inspired by the work of our customers and partners. I’m talking innovative solutions that have the power to radically transform lives and improve business productivity – whether it’s an MRI machine in a hospital, a way for farmers to measure and improve crop growth, a smart building that is responsive to occupant needs or an industrial-strength PC helping to run a factory line more smoothly. At the end of the day, it’s all about technology simplifying things, improving lives and making business more efficient.

In fact, the whole focus of the Dell EMC OEM division is to help our customers and partners bring their innovative solutions to market as quickly as possible. That’s precisely why Dell EMC OEM is the first (and only) tier-one technology vendor to offer VMware Embedded.

VMware Embedded – a Way to Expand Into the Virtual Space

VMware Embedded is a pre-configured, turnkey virtualization solution that offers a new way for OEMs to increase revenue and expand into the virtual space. In a nutshell, this offering, with a resellable licensing model, enables OEMs to sell more products, more efficiently. Additionally, customers have the option to purchase VMware Embedded with Dell EMC hardware, such as PowerEdge servers, or as a standalone product to streamline their supply chain.

Why Virtualization Matters

We have all seen the trend of businesses tapping into virtualization to gain longer solution life cycles, take advantage of cloud agility, reduce downtime and improve security. As a result, virtualization has become a key priority for a majority of enterprise solutions, built by OEMs and ISVs.

Now with VMware Embedded, customers have the option to run it as a virtual appliance, install on a physical appliance or use in Dell EMC OEM’s datacenter as a managed service offering. This maximizes efficiency and lifecycle across the OEM’s solution, ultimately benefiting the end customer.

Why VMware Is Great for OEMs

As an OEM, you can deliver VMware updates as a value-add service – and at a release cadence that matches your timelines – while serving as the single point of contact for support. To help decrease costs of goods sold and speed time-to-revenue, Dell EMC OEM will work with you to validate designs, align go-to-market strategies and create roadmaps. OEMs can also choose from a wide range of licensing and pricing models, including OEM sublicensing and global distribution rights, without multiple contracts.

For me, this is the main benefit of VMware Embedded – it enables our OEMs to provide quality support of VMware across all deployment models, offering advantages to customers in multiple markets, including manufacturing, video surveillance, communications, gaming, financial services, energy, healthcare, storage and networking.

But don’t take my word for it – this is what Darren Waldrep, vice president of strategic alliances at Datatrend, a Dell EMC OEM Preferred Partner, had to say. “Dell EMC and VMware’s embedded offering is a competitively priced solution that we are excited to offer our customers. VMware Embedded creates a much easier route to market for Dell EMC OEM partners and integrators, like ourselves.” Waldrep specifically highlighted Dell EMC’s and VMware’s “best of breed technologies” and our commitment to truly enabling the channel to deliver best pricing and experience for the end customer.

As we move deeper into the era of digital transformation, the need for speed will be imperative – no matter the industry. Understanding the unique needs of our customers and helping them to adapt to the constantly changing market is what will allow you as an OEM to thrive.

Check out the datasheet or visit Dell EMC OEM in the Dell EMC booth #400 at VMworld, Aug. 27-31 in Las Vegas. We hope to see you there!

About the Author: Ron Pugh