Wow – That’s A LOT of Ideas!!!

Idea Storm 10,000 suggestions

We recently hit a historic mark on IdeaStorm – 10,000 ideas!  I want to take a moment first and foremost to thank the entire community for all the input – ideas, votes, comments and conversations!  We launched this site to provide a public avenue for people to give us their ideas and vote on what Dell should be doing. Obviously, you have a lot of input for us and we absolutely appreciate it! Let’s start by taking a little trip down memory lane…

IdeaStorm History:

And a few fun facts and tidbits:

And I would be remiss if I didn’t highlight some of the dedicated user community! As many of you know, you can view the top contributors here. But did you also know these facts:

  • jmxz has submitted the most ideas at 264
  • robinjfisher submitted only 1 idea and still has the 3rd highest ranking
  • phubert has provided the most commentary with 4,433 comments
  • jervis961 has voted on the most ideas by voting on everything except 14 ideas
  • sugarbear has been one of our most active (and positive!) contributors across all Dell community properties including IdeaStorm, Dell Community Forum, and many of the Blogs

So, what does this all mean and what’s next?

As I quoted above, we have implemented 200 ideas or 2%. Is this good or bad? My opinion is it’s good, but not great. We did not set goals on how many ideas we expected to receive from the community on this site, nor how many we thought would be feasible to implement. As a company, we believe in listening to our customers and IdeaStorm has enabled thousands of employees across Dell to do just that in their every day work. This helps all of us prioritize and validate the work we do. We have also done things we never expected to do just because of the feedback on IdeaStorm – offer Linux and keep XP around for as long as we have – just to name a few.

As requested by many ideas, we are planning to upgrade IdeaStorm with a new look and feel as well as some new features and functionality towards the end of October. You will be hearing more from me on that over the next couple of months…

And finally, as Michael Dell has said in the past, “A company this size is not going to be about a couple of people coming up with ideas. It’s going to be about millions of people and harnessing the power of those ideas.” So as long as people are here giving us ideas and voting on them, we will be here to listen, engage and respond.

Thank you!

About the Author: Vida Killian