New release of Wyse vWorkspace expands global reach; access to cloud desktops with support of Windows 10 and Azure

vWorkspace, Dell’s high performance and cost-effective application and desktop virtualization software, is getting some key updates to make it easier for our global customers to use new technologies including Windows 10 and Microsoft Azure, and connect their virtual desktops in their native language.

For organizations deploying desktop virtualization, the flexibility to securely deliver apps and data via the cloud is as important as providing their employees with a positive experience to maximize productivity. We’re excited about the momentum and positive reception that vWorkspace has received from our customers around the world.

The new version of vWorkspace can run on any endpoint based on the Windows 10 operating system, accelerating the deployment of Windows 10 and making it easier for companies to make the transition. We’ve also increased performance by adding incremental support for Microsoft’s RDP8, allowing for better graphics performance when using endpoints not running Windows. In addition, end users can now also look for a specific application by typing its name in a search bar, rather than scrolling down a potential long list of apps. This saves time in finding and launching a given app, adding to a positive experience.

We’re also now making it easier for global users to connect with expanded language support. vWorkspace makes use of what we call connectors, which is a plug-in that’s installed on the endpoint. These connectors allow for very quick and easy access to virtual desktops or remote applications. They are now available with an interface in French, German, Spanish, traditional Chinese, in addition to already existing Japanese, simplified Chinese, Korean and English capabilities. Selected technical documentation is also available in these languages.
vWorkspace is all about simplicity and you can even try it in Microsoft Azure, where you can provision a single virtual image that provides a virtual desktop environment for multiple users. It’s great for a proof-of-concept or simply to view the powerful and easy-to-use management tools vWorkspace provides. After deploying the vWorkspace Azure trial, you can immediately deploy RDSH-based windows desktops and seamless applications to nearly any endpoint. The first five vWorkspace concurrent connections/licenses are free of charge. Read here for more information and access a Startup Guide.

Other improvements in the new version include support for the VMware ESXi 6.0.1 hypervisor and improved support for multi-tenancy, which is great for Managed Service Providers wishing to provide virtual desktops as-a-service.


The new software release will be available for download on December 17, 2015. For additional information, read the support page of Wyse vWorkspace, visit or contact us.

About the Author: Nicolas Cuendet