XangatiVDI Dashboard Now Offered as Option in Dell DVS S&P Portfolio

We are excited to offer our Xangati VDI Dashboard available as an option in Dell’s Desktop Virtualization Solutions (DVS) S&P Portfolio, enabling Dell and Xangati to deliver even more tightly integrated VDI solutions– whether Citrix XenDesktop or VMware View.

Xangati and Dell already enjoy existing joint customers, such as Oral Roberts University, and the value that we bring to Oral Roberts can now be increased further – as well as extended to other organizations – with a more tightly integrated VDI solution.

As Ron Lee, senior systems engineer at Oral Roberts University, explains, “Dell’s hardware portfolio has since the beginning been a cornerstone of our highly successful VDI implementation, and Xangati’s VDI Dashboard was a critical component that came later to help us successfully manage our end-user experience. Having these two companies partner to offer a complete solution is something that will be incredibly valuable to other organizations that want a total VDI solution presented to them up front.”

John Albee, Desktop Virtualization Solutions at Dell, has said, ““With expanding customer deployments, the timing is right for offering our customers more choices and  Xangati  brings another  option to  Dell’s DVS Enterprise Portfolio. We believe that Xangati’s live and continuous visibility gives our customers an advantage in tracking and ensuring the end-user experience – something that’s a priority for VDI.”

Xangati believes that Dell’s approach of delivering integrated solutions for VDI is right on target and meets customers’ needs as they move to accelerate end user adoption of this powerful new desktop delivery model. Designed to seamlessly integrate within multiple environments and complement other technologies, our award-winning performance management software is aligned with Dell’s vision and gives VDI managers the ability to more easily manage these systems from a single pane of glass to ensure end user satisfaction.

At the Gartner Catalyst conference held August 20-23, Gartner Research Vice President Chris Wolf stated, “Without end-to-end visibility of session performance, it’s extremely difficult to find the root cause when a problem arises.” (Gartner Presentation: “Client Virtualization: Tales from the Trenches.”)

We agree completely and have designed our solution to deliver 360-degree visibility throughout the VDI environment, so that you can identify, track and resolve performance issues as quickly and accurately as possible.

If you’re attending VMworld in San Francisco, Xangati invites you to stop by and take a look at our solution. We’re at booth #2413 and would be happy to explain what our solution can do for your environment and where it fits in the Dell DVS product offerings (we will also be available to demonstrate the functionality in the Dell Wyse booth). In addition, we’ll be showcasing our new StormTracker technology for the first time since its launch on August 22.

We hope to see you at the show!

About the Author: Alan Robin