XPS 13 Developer Edition now features full HD screen for customers in the US and soon in Europe

XPS 13 Developer Edition

Since I blogged about the full HD screen option for the XPS 13, users like @CodingZen and @bsemrad asked when the new high resolution screen will be available for the XPS 13 Developer Edition. On Dell.com, we’re now offering the XPS 13 Developer Edition laptop with the full HD screen for customers in the United States for $1,549.

We're also starting to roll it out in select countries in Europe. The XPS 13 Developer Edition will appear in other countries like UK, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. The rollout to these additional countries will happen next week. Beyond these, we will be offering it in select countries like Morocco, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa Turkey and others through your local Dell reps. Our teams are still looking into options in terms of introducing the laptop in Australia and other countries in Asia, so I don't yet have anything to report there. 

XPS 13 Developer Edition with full HD screen

The XPS 13 Developer Edition will now feature the same gorgeous display we introduced recently. That means beyond the increased 1920 x 1080 resolution, the new display is also brighter and has much wider viewing angles compared to the original. Take a look at my full HD blog post for more. Having a higher resolution display option was the most requested feature from customers interested in the XPS 13 Developer Edition–both in the Storm Session, in this idea and this one on IdeaStorm. Barton George also mentions it in his blog post here. This feedback was consistent with what we heard from reviewers and other potential XPS 13 customers as well.

Take a look at Barton George’s latest blog post for more on all of this as well as an update on the cloud launcher and profile tool (here's the Github repository for both). For those of you that need more background on the XPS 13 (formerly known as Project Sputnik), take a look at my Project Sputnik Repository post.

Here's the link for the new XPS 13 Developer Edition for customers in the United States. If you have questions, leave them here in the comments or reach out to Barton George (@barton808) on Twitter or to me @LionelatDell.

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