XtremIO Solves Copy Data Sprawl Issues That Thwart Oracle Workloads

This week at Oracle OpenWorld, DBAs, data center admins and application owners are flocking into sessions for new insights on ways to get more business value out of their Oracle applications and databases. Unfortunately, missing from the agenda this year are specific sessions on database sprawl and how to manage it. That is why we feel there’s no better time to take the wraps off a unique, killer feature built into EMC XtremIO all-flash arrays that, until now, hasn’t been widely promoted. XtremIO is the first all-flash array (AFA) product to offer in-memory copy data management (CDM) at the storage layer. We call it integrated Copy Data Management (iCDM), and it’s baked into XtremIO’s core architecture.

According to IDC, copy data is a major cause of database sprawl and has become a $50 billion problem. The firm estimates that 60% of all data storage is a copy of some kind, whether for disaster recovery, development and testing or application maintenance – just to name a few. A typical database environment today has 5-12 copies for each production instance. For infrastructure and application owners, challenges can include:

  • Significantly slower application development and test cycles due to low performance and outdated copies that are difficult to create.
  • Application code cannot be tested at scale prior to deployment because there are not enough copies, copies are underperforming or they go out of date quickly, and copies can’t be regenerated at the developer’s pace.
  • Analytics and reporting are hobbled by fixed, slow ETL processes that are never on-demand or in real time.
  • IT and Engineering spend too much time on operations struggling to reduce risks instead of focusing on innovation.
  • Higher infrastructure and administration costs due to excessive storage requirements.

Changing the Game for Copy Data Management – And Data Center Agility

Many customers who are aware of the other types of CDM solutions often ask us: why put database copies on primary storage? Our answer is twofold: 1) enterprises are going to buy storage anyway, so why not buy it with built-in features that eliminate up to 80% of copy data challenges at no extra charge? 2) CDM on primary storage is much more cost-effective than software-based approaches.

For example, XtremIO has the ability to mix workloads and consolidate both primary data and its associated copies on the same scale-out all-flash array. With its virtually bullet-proof consistent IOPS and latency — and the ability to scale out more performance as needed with no application downtime — XtremIO delivers incredible performance to production AND non-production applications without risking the production SLAs.

2,000 Companies are Revolutionizing Their Workloads with XtremIO

XtremIO provides iCDM embedded in the all-flash array, so more than 2,000 companies currently benefit from having the ability to leverage this technology, in the form of accelerated development, productivity gains, reduced operational risk, better decision making and faster recovery. More specifically, imagine consolidating entire SAP and Oracle landscapes for just-in-time manufacturing and inventory decision support capabilities on 1/16th the infrastructure!

To learn more, Oracle OpenWorld attendees are invited to visit EMC’s suites this week at 839 Howard Street across from Moscone West.  They can also see our sessions on Oracle workloads and iCDM on XtremIO’s Unleash the Beast Roadshow, touring now!

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About the Author: Andy Fenselau