“You can’t fake that!” And Other Comments from the Dell Annual Analyst Conference (DAAC)

…said Founder and Chief Analyst of TECHnalysis Research, Bob O’Donnell, of the enthusiasm and renewed energy so palpable among Dell leaders at the Dell Annual Analyst Conference in Austin (DAAC), Texas. He and the other analysts, sourcing advisors and customers shared the positive sentiment in conversations at the conference, interviews and social media conversations under #DAAC

 Being at the conference, I couldn’t help but feel this convergence of positive forces…a perfect storm…Texas hospitality…Austin Weirdness…contributing to the insightful interactions and open, two-way conversations held during the two days of DAAC.  

While usually, in the IT jargon, convergence designates the combination of technologies – at Dell’s analyst conference I saw it as the combination of three major forces that didn’t happen by coincidence: Dell’s privatization, the steadfastness of Dell’s strategy as an end-to-end solutions provider (see interview with Matt Eastwood, Analyst, IDC) and most importantly, Dell’s unwavering focus on customers (see interview with Bob O’Donnell,  Founder and Chief Analyst, TECHnalysis Research.)

From the opening keynote by Michael Dell who, BTW, loves being self-employed and outlined the company’s focus in powerful increments of “the next billion” to Jeff Clarke’s promise that “the PC is NOT dead” to the final analyst briefing, the mojo was pervasive: Enthusiasm about the future, renewed energy at all levels of the company (see interview with Bob O’Donnell, Founder and Chief Analyst, TECHnalysis Research) and a highly contagious winning attitude. “You can’t fake that!”

 Roger Kay  from Endpoint Technologies observed in his article in Forbes that, ” Aside from the already well-observed change in Michael Dell’s demeanor (he’s much more relaxed than when Wall Street was breathing down his neck), the company seems to have attained a new, more vigorous stride.”

 For me the two days at the conference reflected what I have been noticing inside the walls of Dell for a while now: A belief that our best days are ahead!

You can’t fake that!

To form your own opinion, check out the Dell DAAC video playlist on YouTube or find highlights on Storify

About the Author: Konstanze Alex