You Can Tell the Difference. You Can Tell It’s Dell.

Today marks the launch of Dell’s first-ever global consumer marketing campaign, “You Can Tell It’s Dell.” But it’s much more than a campaign. It’s a promise to you, our customer. It’s a promise to deliver the best products and services and the very best customer experience throughout the entire experience of buying, owning and using Dell products.YCTID1

In the end, we believe we can earn your trust as the most-loved brand in the PC industry.

At the very heart of our new campaign is something we’re calling the “Why Dell” difference. “Why Dell” is meant to highlight the different features, functionalities and technologies, but also the different service, support and relationship levels you can only find on a Dell.

For instance, our new line of stunning XPS laptops delivers 2x the sound performance of the closest laptop thanks to the integrated JBL sound system. Our XPS laptops are also the first Skype-certified laptops to ever hit the market. And our new Inspiron One all-in-one desktops offer the innovative Stage application, which lets you seamlessly organize your entire collection of photos, videos, music and more at the touch of a finger – software that’s only available on a Dell.

YCTID2 We’re bringing the differences to life across our entire marketing portfolio – from print and banner ads, to outdoor media, social media interaction and television spots that will begin airing later this week on your favorite broadcast and cable television programs.

Hopefully, like many of our customers, you’ll start to see the difference. Our ads will focus on the use and own experience, whether at home, school or in the workplace. They’ll be aspirational and fun– and, above all, recognize that you want to harness the power of technology so you can do more of what you love. That’s what the You Can Tell It’s Dell campaign is all about; you, the customer.

We’re on a journey here, and we have a great slew of products coming in the next six months that will show you how we’re truly committed to raising the bar and differentiating ourselves in the market.

We encourage you to let us know if You Can Tell It’s Dell and to share your comments here.

About the Author: PaulHenri Ferrand