Your Hidden Supercomputer

Dell has a long history of expertise in high-performance computing whether one is using a PowerEdge server or a Dell Precision workstation. Today we’re taking the next step in the world of ‘personal’ supercomputing.

In today’s keynote speech at SC08, Michael talked about the continued evolution of the world of supercomputing. He also outlined that Dell will soon be offering the Dell Precision R5400 and T7400 workstations with access to the capabilities of NVIDIA’s Tesla C1060 GPU with up to two teraflops of computational power.

Imagine the customer who has one of these workstations in their data-center or under their desk – by simply adding one of these GPUs, they are discovering “their hidden supercomputer.”

Want to know how it all works? Let’s hear what Don has to say. (If you’re interested in what else Michael discussed in his keynote, click here.)

About the Author: Bruce Eric