Your Ideas in Action: XPS 14 and 15

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Since February of 2007 when we launched IdeaStorm, Dell has been accepting ideas for their products, services and operations from users via our IdeaStorm site.  Each month we highlight ideas from IdeaStorm that have been Implemented or Partially Implemented by Dell.  This month we are highlighting ideas that were used in the XPS 14 and XPS 15 laptops that were recently introduced.  

We took your ideas to heart while designing these new XPS systems.  From the brilliant displays with increased screen resolution to the soft touch palm rests, many of the features of the new systems were suggested by our IdeaStorm members.

  • You asked for a rubberized coating, so we added soft touch materials to the palm rests and a silicone base.  As a result:

You asked for the XPS line to be a killer system and we did our best to live up to expectations.  As a result:
Thank you to everyone who has submitted ideas on IdeaStorm and congratulations to those who’s ideas have been selected for Implementation.  If you have any ideas for Dell to Improve our Products, Services or Operations, please go to and share them with us.  

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Topics in this article