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Refurbished XPS laptop

Beauty meets power

XPS encapsulates both power and beauty. High-end materials are meticulously chosen to balance weight, size, performance and durability. Precisely engineered parts ensure best-in-class aesthetics and workmanship.

Refurbished xps laptop

Premium materials

Machined Aluminum: Machining aluminum is an extremely accurate manufacturing method, providing outstanding quality of workmanship. Using aluminum produces an elegant design with high build quality that’s stronger and stiffer than magnesium or plastic. Machined aluminum also delivers better rigidity and ductility to ensure the XPS is strong and more resistant to breaks if dropped.

Gleaming sidewalls: Anodizing provides a superior scratch-resistant surface. Edges are dipped a second time (clear coating) to further prevent damage from connectors. The process penetrates down into the aluminum to make the surface harder. Using this finish on the metal achieves the perfect color without using paint, which could chip. Anodizing also helps with heat dissipation and corrosion resistance.

Refurbished XPS laptop

Artfully crafted

Black carbon fiber: For the dark interiors, waves of 3K carbon fiber across the insert-molded palm-rest gives amazing strength to weight ratio and superior heat-resistance. Carbon offers the advantage of being strong, stiff, light and has high temperature tolerance.

Arctic white woven glass fiber:  For the white interiors, using woven crystalline silica fiber achieves the ultimate in high-strength and low-weight in this ultra-thin XPS. Glass is one of the strongest textile fibers, ensuring the laptop is thin, light and strong. The stain-resistant and UV-coated material cleans like glass and is proven to be fade resistant.

XPS laptop

Corning® Gorilla® Glass

Corning® Gorilla® Glass is tough, damage resistant, durable and elegant. While Gorilla Glass ensures the ultimate screen strength, the aluminum lid also provides extra stiffness, is less prone to bending, warping and denting, and offers a protective shell for the screen..

XPS laptop

Stunning visuals

XPS laptops have amazing, best-in-class displays from high resolution to stunning color accuracy.

Precise detail:
XPS panels offer up to 4K UHD+ (3840 x 2400) displays, with over 9 million pixels that deliver crisp images and text with precise detail. Plus, there's pinpoint accuracy when editing images and no blurry or jagged lines.

True to life color: XPS displays have wide color gamut, which captures more of what you see in real life. The high contrast ratio allows you to see the brightest bright and the darkest darks. Plus, XPS 15 and XPS 17 products have 100% Adobe RGB panel options, ensuring the most accurate color for photographers, designers or any creators working with color.

Dolby Vision™: Dolby Vision™ unleashes the potential of HDR to deliver ultra-vivid picture quality, delivering colors never before seen on SDR PC displays. Dolby Vision™ content can deliver highlights that are up to 40 times brighter, and blacks that are up to 10 times darker.

XPS laptop

Outfitted to outperform

Optional discrete graphics on the new XPS 17 feature unique dual opposite outlet fans, that increase fan airflow by approximately 30% and drive cooling airflow in both directions, resulting in more airflow overall and improved skin temperatures. Dell’s development of the Dual Opposite Outlet fan has resulted in multiple pending patent applications and at least one issued patent..

XPS laptop

Stunningly small. Masterfully designed.

Designed with precision engineered details, from stunning materials to minimal footprint, the XPS 13 is a 13-inch laptop in the size of an 11-inch, thanks largely in part to the stunning 4-sided InfinityEdge display, which enables us to bring a 6.8% larger 16:10 display in a 2% smaller size.

XPS laptop

Dell Outlet XPS Laptops

XPS laptops and 2-in-1s are precision crafted with premium materials, featuring stunning displays and the performance you demand to express your creative self and your big ideas. Please welcome the newest members of the XPS family.