• Dell APEX for Generative AI

    Experience the power of multicloud by design and the ease of as-a-Service.

    • Bring Generative AI to your data, wherever it lives

      Dell APEX simplifies your GenAI journey from piloting to production with deep AI and multicloud expertise, a broad portfolio for ultimate flexibility, and strong partnerships for tailored solutions.

    • Optimize ecosystems

      Place GenAI applications and data within a multicloud environment designed to deliver more value.

    • Secure data

      Safeguard confidential data without compromising performance with private GenAI implementations.

    • Conserve resources

      Right-size GenAI for peak efficiency and reduce costs with sustainable pay-per-use subscriptions.

    • Bridge skill gaps

      Accelerate GenAI outcomes with a range of services, validated designs, and as-a-Service solutions.

    • Transformative insights into Generative AI

    • Subscribe to your Generative AI future with Dell APEX subscriptions

      Tailor your subscription based on your unique requirements, and then pay as you go for what you use – all on your terms.

      Simplicity - Configure your GenAI product, specifying services from deployment to support to sustainable decommissioning, and enjoy the ease of managed services.

      Agility - Provision and scale with speed and ease, avoiding the challenges of traditional technology refreshes with streamlined forecasting, procurement, and migrations.

      Control - Enhance security and compliance by keeping technology current with shorter subscriptions, regular updates via as-a-Service, and secure asset recovery.

    • As-a-Service, at your service

    • Bring Generative AI to your Organization

      Leverage the potential of GenAI through Dell insights, solutions, and strategies.

    • Discover the broadest AI Portfolio3

      Acquire high-performance technology and innovation that delivers, smarter, faster outcomes.