• Accelerate your cloud adoption


    Simplify your multi-cloud with a consistent experience everywhere

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    • Organizations are adopting multi-cloud to get the best of breed capabilities they need to support their applications and data. But a siloed approach to multi-cloud often comes with real trade-offs, including operational complexity, inconsistency and security risk. 

    • APEX Cloud Services were built to meet the challenges of multi-cloud

      APEX Cloud Services give you a more secure and consistent multi-cloud experience across your entire IT environment.

      Use familiar products, services, and tool sets for your compute, data storage, and data protection needs, while leveraging the best of breed features and performance that your workloads require—whether on-premises, in a colocation facility, in a public cloud, or in an edge environment.

      The APEX Console, a self-serve web portal, unifies operations and enables the cloud experience how and where you need it, making it easy to provision quickly, scale on demand, and pay as you go.

    • Turn multiple cloud chaos into multi-cloud control

    • APEX Cloud Services with VMware Cloud is a compelling offering that will make it easier for organizations to quickly deploy application ready infrastructure

      “APEX Cloud Services with VMware Cloud is a compelling offering that will make it easier for organizations to quickly deploy application ready infrastructure”

      Steven Kouvo, Technology Architect, Core Technology
      Service Group, Boston Scientific

    • Explore APEX Cloud Services

      Dell Technologies provides simplified cloud experiences across your multi-cloud, multi-edge, or multi-datacenter environment with the consumption flexibility you need.  The portfolio includes fully-managed services and solutions that free you to focus on leveraging the capabilities your organization needs to innovate.


      Deploy the power of cloud wherever you need it

    • APEX Cloud Services with VMware Cloud

      Infrastructure as-a-Service for your VMware workloads offering the best of private and public clouds. Operated by you, managed by Dell.

    • APEX Hybrid Cloud

      Customer managed infrastructure that enables consistent, secure operations with automation and orchestration across private and public cloud for VMware workloads.

    • APEX Private Cloud

      Customer managed infrastructure that delivers an on-premises cloud experience for your VMware workloads in your data center or edge locations.


      Manage and access your data across clouds

    • APEX Data Storage Services

      An as-a-Service portfolio of scalable and elastic storage resources.


      Protection and cyber resiliency in the public cloud and on-premises

    • APEX Backup Services

      All-in-one, secure protection with backup, disaster recovery and long-term retention. Set up a backup policy within minutes and scale on-demand to ensure growing data volumes are always protected.

    • APEX Cyber Recovery Services

      Dell-managed cyber recovery solution that includes the hardware, software and services needed to protect critical data – all in one convenient subscription.

    • Colocation Services with APEX

      Dell Technologies has partnered with Equinix to make colocation a seamless part of your complete as-a-Service experience, freeing you to stay focused on delivering outcomes for your business.

    • Professional Services for APEX

      Realize your as-a-Service objectives faster with value-added services

      Dell Technologies Services provides the expertise you need to integrate your APEX vision into your business.  Our experienced professionals help you innovate quickly with a cloud operating model and simplify consumption of applications, workloads and data by your application and business stakeholders.

    • Focus on running your business, rather than managing your infrastructure