• Amarillo, Texas city skyline with buildings and a sunset


    Delivering accessibility through GenAI

    • CustomerCity of Amarillo​

      IndustryState & Local Government

      LocationUnited States

    • Vision

      In order to bridge the language gap for residents of Amarillo, Dell Professional Services consulted Assistant City Manager and CIO Rich Gagnon and his team on the creation of a GenAI digital assistant with the ability to communicate in multiple languages.

    • Solution

      Residents can access information through Emma, the GenAI digital assistant that lives on the city’s website.

    • Impact

      The large language model serves a city in which 24% of residents do not speak English, bringing more effective and efficient disbursement of important information for all residents, regardless of their native language.

    • Rich Gagnon, Assistant City Manager and Chief Information Officer, City of Amarillo

      "We're not afraid of the future. We're embracing this wholeheartedly." 

      Rich Gagnon, CIO of the City of Amarillo, wearing glasses and a grey shirt
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      Delivering accessibility through Generative AI

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