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    Dell Technologies
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    Delivering unheard-of possibilities Biomedical solutions. Human-centered design. Materials processing at nanoscale. Autonomous systems that run under almost any imaginable conditions. Day after day, Draper teams create and lead innovations in many disciplines of science and engineering. Draper started as a provider of technology and engineering services to the U.S. Department of Defense. Today, the company serves clients in commercial enterprises, the federal government and academia. There is never a set routine when an organization develops and delivers capabilities others might deem impossible, but Draper always relies on business-critical technology to perform its projects and empower its employees. The organization's technology infrastructure model has changed from a supporting role to a transformational force.  Draper pursues its goals in a strategic partnership with Dell Technologies. Introduction
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    A Draper employee uses a Dell computer while compiling her research
    URL; Industry: Research, engineering and solution development for defense, space and commercial sectors; Headquarters: Cambridge, Mass.; Founded:	1932; Number of employees:	1,800 Changing the world As a not-for-profit innovation company, Draper applies scientific and technical research to address some of the world's most pressing problems.
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    An astronaut walking on the moon facing the camera Draper is poised to lead the development of descent guidance and provide flight avionics for NASA's Artemis Human Landing System. The Artemis program aims to reach the south pole of the moon by 2024. Draper's work will ensure the safety of the astronauts and the accuracy of the landing. Returning to the moon
    An astronaut repairing a ship while floating in space  Astronauts can lose orientation during a spacewalk, so Draper developed a safety concept called the "take me home" button to help them return to their ship. Researchers are exploring ways to adapt this technology to also help firefighters and other first responders get to safety. Bringing astronauts home
    A doctor zooming into a medical user interface investigating brain data Biomedical research must find solutions to the world's health challenges as quickly as possible. Draper is pursuing its life sciences projects with focused rigor. They include an organ-on-a-chip system, which uses minuscule tissue samples that behave like real human organs. Meeting urgent healthcare needs
    Draper keeps everyday human challenges front and center as its research ranges from outer space to the cells in our bodies to the bottom of the ocean. Changing the world
    "Everybody here has really great, innovative ideas. It's up to leadership to stand back and produce an environment where everyone feels comfortable sharing those ideas. That's what drives innovation." Michael Crones, CIO, Draper
    Dell Technologies
    Creating more value from technology Draper builds on an in-progress IT transformation by elevating the strategic role of the CIO and the IT team and by evolving its digital infrastructure.
    CIO with business impact Innovative, creative thinking in IT fuels Draper's research and development of solutions that can impact millions of people. Because research endeavors and all business management rely on the same technology foundation, internal stakeholders are aware that CIO Mike Crones and the IT team are strategic contributors who play a key role in Draper's ability to meet its client commitments. As a strategic partner to executives and business groups, Crones is an ambassador for innovation throughout the organization. The CIO has the credibility and expertise to explain how technology can help Draper accomplish more to meet the world's challenges. Transformational CIOs claim the spotlight 5
    of CIOs expect to become CEOs by 2025.
    of CIOs expect to be key decision makers for corporate strategy. 66%
    of CIOs expect to have revenue-generating responsibilities. 89%
    "Draper knows that without a CIO and an IT department who have the technical vision to power the company's strategy, the business might struggle." Michael Crones, CIO, Draper
    Source: Forbes Insights, "The CIO of 2025: Driving Fundamental Enterprise Change" (2019)
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    Dell Technologies
    Draper CIO of Draper, Michael Crones, presenting in front of a table of people
    "In our cloud journey, we will look to Dell Technologies to see if there are Dell software solutions that can help us improve utilization, availability and security." Michael Crones, CIO, Draper
    Up to the cloud Draper capitalizes on opportunities for creating greater value from technology. Solution roadmaps shared by Dell Technologies help prepare next steps and new initiatives. The organization uses hyperconverged infrastructure solutions from Dell Technologies, designed for fast performance under demanding workloads. That infrastructure is a launchpad as Draper charts its path to the cloud and envisions IT operations that will be even more efficient than they are already. "I view hyperconverged as our gateway to the cloud that we can extend to other trusted clouds," Crones says. "Hyperconverged infrastructure managed with VMware software will be instrumental in enabling our entire workforce to be productive remotely."
    Draper's digital infrastructures minimize administrative workloads and free up IT staff to be more creative in advancing the organization's mission and vision. Creating more value from technology
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    Empowering the workforce Digital workforce enablement is inseparable from Draper's reinvention of the digital infrastructure—both serve the ultimate goal of facilitating groundbreaking research and solution development.
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    Self-service autonomy Draper technology users visit a self-service portal to provision their own resources or make a request, minimizing wait times and supporting communications. For a company whose growth strategy involves recruiting and retaining exceptional talent, giving people a powerful, mobile computer and sophisticated digital tools on their first day on the job is a clear competitive distinction.
    "In addition to giving users unmatched computing power, we want to enable their ability to self-provision and take care of their own needs." Michael Crones, CIO, Draper
    Mobility for everyone Employees using portable devices harness the full power of Draper's digital infrastructure in delivering applications and data. Initially, Draper equipped engineers with high-end, mobile workstations. By providing mobile solutions first to users with more challenging needs, Draper created a blueprint for providing fast system performance and secure, reliable data access to everybody. Today, all employees use mobile devices to get work done anytime, anywhere.
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    Dell Technologies
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    Secure collaborations from anywhere Many Draper employees engage with high-profile clients and scientists, who could be anywhere in the world. Discussing one important example, Crones says, "It is not possible to bring our people into one building with the four or five organizations that partner with us on the Artemis Human Landing System. Given our unique business relationships, we need to be creative and innovative in how we enable collaboration." IT facilitates digital meetings and communications so that they can be as immediate and productive as in-person meetings. Robust, cloud-based tools that are available anywhere, on any device will help Draper promote collaboration without limits and execute on its commitments. Achieving this will also mean an edge for the organization in the war for talent.
    Empowering the workforce External contributors are crucial to Draper's projects, and the company knows how to make the collaborations with them count.
    "We have moved on from commodity IT such as providing email services. We are now beginning to use IT to create a competitive advantage for the company." Michael Crones, CIO, Draper
  • Need for speed and computing power For Draper, providing employees with the right devices is business-critical—and it needs to happen quickly. "Being able to recruit the right workforce means providing employees with cutting-edge resources," says Michael Crones, CIO at Draper. "We need to get devices into the hands of new hires as quickly as possible." Draper understands that giving every employee the same desktop, workstation or laptop is not the best approach to support every workflow. Nor does it fit everybody's needs. Engineers and scientists need enhanced computing capabilities, memory, storage capacity or graphics processors found in workstations, for example. Waiting for a customized IT system takes time, slowing their productivity. Enabling talent to innovate With thoughtful collaboration, Draper and Dell Technologies designed an efficient approach to helping everyone succeed in their jobs and contribute to the company's mission.
    Client devices with transformational potential The client services team reviewed the workloads and computing requirements of Draper's user groups—engineers, scientists, developers, finance managers, administrators, executives and others. It became clear that the workforce was changing to keep up with the increasing scope and speed of innovation. It was also evident that using a variety of readily available end-user devices could help each organizational user type accomplish more. Vanessa Bryan, director of client services at Draper, explains, "The needs of our internal customers have transformed. Desktops or laptops are no longer just endpoint devices to run business applications. As gateways to high-performance and business computing they are integral to every process. They enable people to complete their projects." Reliably delivering top performance Draper standardized on four types of solutions: Dell Latitude laptops and 2-in-1s, Dell OptiPlex desktops, Dell Precision mobile and tower workstations, and Dell UltraSharp monitors. To meet users' needs for productive mobility, Draper provides the laptops and desktops in standard, small and micro versions. Bryan says, "Since we partner with Dell Technologies for client devices, we've built trust with our internal customers and we are no longer dealing with so many tickets about device performance."
    Dell 43-inch UltraSharp 4K USB-C Monitor (Model U4320Q) Lifestyle image featured with two Precision mobile 15 5000 Series (model 5540, code name Berlinetta MLK ) Touch Mobile Workstation, two Precision 3000 Series Fixed Workstations (model 3630, code name Turtle Bay) and Dell Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo (KM717, code name Terra)
    "We know that, given the flexibility and product portfolio of Dell Technologies, we can always turn to Dell and there's a solution for us." Vanessa Bryan, Director of Client Services, Draper
    Dell Technologies
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    Technology deep dive
    Ensuring user productivity and satisfaction Providing role-optimized Dell Technologies computers and monitors to Draper employees is a smart move to drive both user satisfaction and efficiency. Saving time and accelerating services Draper finds it easier to attract and empower talented people by giving them high-performance computers that are ready to go anywhere. Gene Surilou, desktop engineering manager at Draper, says, "We can provide everyone with the right device by working with Dell Technologies, and its products deliver better capabilities and quality than the competition." Management tasks like provisioning and imaging are far more efficient than they used to be. "I now save at least five minutes for every system I set up with automated tools from Dell," Surilou explains. "We have about 5,200 devices, so that translates into significant time savings."
    Dell Latitude Dell OptiPlex Dell Latitude Faster, smarter, more responsive business laptops Dell Latitude laptops and 2-in-1s are the world's most intelligent business PCs with built-in AI. They are the preferred mobile devices for Draper executives and for those employees—including administrators and finance managers—who mostly use standard business applications. Dell OptiPlex Versatile, fully configurable and highly secure desktops Before a large number in Draper's workforce transitioned to working from home, many business managers and employees who had a desk at company headquarters and used standard business productivity software relied on properly sized Dell OptiPlex desktops. Draper also made Dell OptiPlex desktops available in the shared spaces within their atrium and conference rooms. Draper uses the following client solutions from Dell Technologies:
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    faster device provisioning faster desktop imaging decrease in build time
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    Dell UltraSharp Dell Precision Dell Precision High-performance reliable workstations Engineers, developers, scientists, data analytics specialists and others with demanding requirements for computing and graphics performance use Dell Precision workstations. Applications like SolidWorks and other design and engineering applications are widely used at Draper run reliably on high-performance Precision workstations. Dell UltraSharp Immersive productivity with captivating color and details Draper provides employees with Dell UltraSharp monitors that fit their roles and workspaces. These high resolution monitors come in standard, ultrawide and curved panel configurations. Dell UltraSharp ultrawide curved monitors provide an expansive onscreen space and allow connection to two separate PC sources for effective multitasking, giving engineers and product designers an immersive experience with brilliant screen performance to complete their projects efficiently. Dell 49-inch Ultrathin Curved (Model U4919DW) monitor
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    Partnering for success Draper and Dell Technologies share a fundamental commitment to technologies and innovations that empower people and help drive human progress.
    Relationship based on shared values The two organizations benefit from their partnership as they inspire and learn from one another. Expert insight, professional services, and software and hardware help Draper pursure transformational changes in its workforce and technology managment. Crones says, "Dell Technologies can wrap technology, support, training and financing into on holistic solution. We will continuie to work with them to address many different requirements, from running a productive operation to compliance to protecting our IP." Draper hopes to build on its technology investments as it wins more research projects. The company uses a range sof hardware, solutions and services, and draws on Dell Technologies roadmaps to support its planning.
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    Group of Draper employees sitting in an ampitheater environment listening to a coworker speak
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    Draper Beyond the status quo Across industries, organizations realize that technologically powered transformation yields the best results when it is truly pervasive in their culture. Many take steps similar to Draper's: Person in a sterile lab environment doing testing 12
    Partnering for success Draper is a unique organization, but many practical aspects of its engagement with Dell Technologies are transferable to other companies.
    Enable the IT department to contribute to business goals.
    Elevate the CIO's role to provide strategic leadership.
    Empower a talented, motivated workforce with versatile, powerful technology.
    Collaborate productively and securely with global partners and contributors.
    Deploy scalable, elastic infrastructures that can serve today's and tomorrow's requirements.
    Drive innovation initiatives with trusted technology providers.
    Woman working on large Dell display  The screen is split with three applications showing a collaboration tool, desktop background and an engineering model Follow us on social Copyright © 2020 Dell Inc. or its subsidiaries. All Rights Reserved. Dell Technologies, Dell, EMC, Dell EMC and other trademarks are trademarks of Dell Inc. or its subsidiaries. Other trademarks may be trademarks of their respective owners. This case study is for informational purposes only. Dell believes the information in this case study is accurate as of its publication date, August 2020. The information is subject to change without notice. Dell makes no warranties—express or implied—in this case study. 13
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