Johnsonville LLC

    • Sausage with a side of well-protected data

      With Johnsonville's tape-based IBM TSM system protecting SAP HANA and other applications, backups exceeded 24 hours and restores were often missing data. IT moved quickly to replace it with a solution that ensures high-speed, reliable backup and recovery: Data Protection Software and Data Domain. Johnsonville now uses the Dell EMC Data Protection solution to protect VMware virtual machines (VMs) running enterprise applications and databases.

    • Confidence that anything can be restored or recovered

      With Johnsonville’s previous data protection systems, backup took 3–4 hours, and there was no way to know if data would be recoverable. With Dell EMC, each backup takes a fraction of the time, and the Johnsonville team can rely on data integrity.

    • No more weak links — saving time, headaches and energy

      With Dell EMC, Johnsonville’s backup windows went from 12–24 hours to one hour, data restores accelerated from 3–4 hours to 30 minutes. With 30:1 deduplication rates, Johnsonville can do daily backups with 100% confidence.

    • Fast, reliable backups for precious info

      Johnsonville transformed data protection and saw a night-and-day difference. The solution was easy to implement and simple to manage, so the company can back up its data frequently and reliably.

    • "In a high-pressure manufacturing environment, saving time and delivering application uptime are key assets. Dell EMC’s Data Protection Software was a snap to implement and it’s easy to manage.


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    • Customer: Johnsonville LLC
      Industry: Food & Beverage
      Location: United States

    • Johnsonville LLC participates in the Dell Technologies Customer Advocacy Program.