• Covid-19 Response

    Supporting our global community

    • Support through technology

      We are humbled to be able to play a role, working together with our customers, partners and team members to support those fighting to contain and treat the virus. You can read more on Karen Quintos’s World Health Day blog to discover how we are lending our support through our technology.

    • Funding organizations in need

      We have donated millions of dollars globally to help meet the greatest needs of our communities and the front-line organizations working to treat and contain COVID-19 around the world. As the situation evolves, we will continue to assess opportunities to leverage our technology to deliver support where it is needed most. We have also set up a fundraising page where team members can donate to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Foundation to help in the relief efforts.

    • Folding@home

      To support COVID-19 research efforts, Dell Technologies is engaging users of Alienware PCs.

    • Discover more ways Dell Technologies is responding to COVID-19

    • Supporting our team members

      The health and safety of our team members is our number one priority.

    • Supporting our customers and partners

      We are working across our organization to meet the business-critical needs of our customers and partners.