• What happens to recycled equipment

    Find out what happens to your old computers and IT equipment when you recycle with us.

    • Our recycling processes help keep your old computers and IT equipment out of global waste streams. Here’s how: First, we look for reuse opportunities – as a whole system or by parts. Then, we find opportunities to reuse raw materials (such as plastics, glass, and metals). Those materials can then be used to make new products – including IT equipment – which supports the development of a circular economy.

    • We follow all equipment throughout our recycling processes to make sure it is managed and disposed of in an environmentally responsible way.

    • Fast facts

      How your e-waste finds new life through recycling.

    • Global takeback and recycling process

      We focus on maximizing reuse of IT equipment that is recovered for recycling – as whole systems, parts, or as raw materials. This helps reduce the demand for new raw materials and the possibility of e-waste finding its way into landfills and global streams.

      • How we support a circular economy

      • By designing our products to be built with recycled materials, extending the useful life of products and materials, providing convenient recycling solutions for customers, and finding ways to regenerate natural systems, we can help drive change and accelerate the circular economy. Some good examples are our efforts to build new hard drives with recycled aluminum from recovered products, and to create product packaging with recycled ocean-bound plastics.

    • Dell Electronics Disposition Policy

    • All equipment and materials that we receive for recycling or reuse are tracked, documented, and audited. We report data on these efforts annually in our Progress Made Real sustainability report. Our policies include commitments to:

      • Maximize reuse opportunities (prevent pollution)
      • Manage end-of-life electronics throughout disposition channels (minimize waste)
      • On-board/sustain responsible electronics disposition partners (apply globally consistent supplier standards)
      • Compliance with international, regional, national, and local laws, regulations and conventions

      Contact Environment_Policy@Dell.com Team for Questions.

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