• Sustainable operations

    How we innovate across our business

    • We firmly believe technology plays a crucial role in driving human and environmental progress. We innovate at every step of our operations, not just in the final product we create. All of our manufacturing facilities are ISO 14001:2015 certified and we require final assembly suppliers in our supply chain to be certified as well. We focus on reducing our impact across the value chain, taking action against climate change, striving for zero-waste manufacturing and driving sustainability across the business. 

    • Climate Change and Carbon Emissions

      Our commitment. And our vision

      We have a bold commitment to reducing our own energy consumption and increasing our renewable energy purchases through to our operations. We work with our suppliers to improve their efficiency, and we also minimize the energy intensity across our product portfolio.

      But climate action has to go beyond the measures we take as a single organization. Our digital transformation gives the world the opportunity to find lasting solutions by decoupling economic growth from carbon emissions. And it makes possible tools to understand what is happening to our climate more clearly than ever before.

    • Water & waste

      Finding environmental solutions as a team

      We combine the knowledge and efforts of our teams across the supply chain and throughout all our facilities to manage water usage and work towards our commitment to zero waste. As a multinational company, we have an important role to play.