• Energy efficient products

    Compute more, consume less

    • Whether your motivation is economic or environmental, unnecessary energy use is simply unacceptable. That's why we constantly innovate to bring customers greater efficiency. From data centers that operate with outside air cooling in 45°C temperatures to direct-contact liquid cooling (DCLC) with water that doesn’t need to be chilled, with Dell you can become more energy efficient.

    • Power on, cool off

      Data proliferation and demands for faster processing can quickly exhaust IT investments. Dell Technologies enterprise solutions help you compute more and consume less.

    • A breath of fresh air

      Rising energy costs and regulations compound the expenses of cooling your data center, but you can reduce the financial and environmental impact. Our Fresh Air 2.0-capable hardware performs at higher temperatures and can be cooled by clean outside air.

    • Lower costs, better energy efficiency

      Reducing energy consumption can yield major benefits in both overall costs and your environmental impact. Our energy tools help you assess energy use in your current operations and uncover new ways to improve performance.