• Bio-based resources

    Naturally sustainable

    • Not only do we use recycled, closed-loop materials to build our products, we’re actively pioneering new, environmentally-friendly methods of packaging them, too. Dell Technologies is setting the sustainability standard and can already count bamboo-based packaging among our early innovations. We’ve also significantly reduced our use of foam, and instead doubled-down on sustainable, molded paper pulp.


      Renewable, biodegradable packaging. Grown locally

      We were the first in our industry to make packaging from renewably sourced bamboo. The plants are grown in lowland areas (many miles from the nearest panda) and grow back at up to one inch an hour. This incredible rate of renewal makes them the perfect, eco-friendly cushioning for select Dell laptops. And when customers are done, the bamboo trays are easily recycled.

    • Simple. Practical. Versatile.

      Sometimes the simplest materials are the best solution. So, for many of our shipments, we use abundant recycled materials like cardboard and molded paper pulp.

      These help us cut our energy and water consumption, as well as our use of virgin forestry products. What’s more, they can be recycled yet again once the products they protect have safely reached their users.


    • Recycled materials

      We run the planet's largest technology recycling program. See how it works.

    • Waste as a resource

      Discover how we turn waste into raw materials for our latest products.