• Our Suppliers

    We have one of the world’s largest supply chains. Its size and complexity can make it hard to give a simple answer to the question ‘who makes your products?’

    • Most suppliers provide inputs to multiple products and sometimes multiple suppliers are qualified for a single component. As production levels around the world shift daily, supplier volumes also shift to meet demand, altering the mix of suppliers used for a specific product.

      Focusing solely on the last facility that a product left before it entered our customers’ homes or businesses would limit our visibility to many of the businesses and people around the world who manufactured that product. That’s why we take a holistic and comprehensive approach across our supply base. 

      Within Dell’s List of Suppliers (December 2021) you will find two lists. One catalogs our final assembly and original design manufacturers (ODMs) showing which products are produced at each of these sites. The second lists other direct material suppliers and shows what procurement category their products belong in. In both, the GRI column indicates whether they have produced a GRI-based sustainability report.

    • Supply Chain Reports

      At Dell Technologies we take pride in measuring the effectiveness of our actions and are transparent in reporting our key measures.

    • Sustainable Operations

      Discover how we innovate across our business through advanced and sustainable operations.