• Accountability

    Measuring and driving improvement

    • True inclusion requires intentional actions, which is why we’re committed to measuring and driving improvement to become a more diverse and inclusive workforce. The metrics included in our annual ESG Report help us monitor and strengthen the Dell culture our team members, customers and communities expect. Through our Culture, Diversity & Inclusion (CD&I) model & governance we are committed to holding ourselves accountable. Our leaders are key to fostering the culture within their teams. Our continuous listening strategy helps us understand and enhance the experience of our global workforce.

      • Inspiring Leadership

        Educating and empowering our leaders

        We define inclusive leadership as being aware of biases, understanding their impact on culture, and fostering collaboration and cultural intelligence. We incorporate these inclusive principles into all of our leadership development programs to foster inclusive team environments and inclusive leadership styles.

      • Katrina's story: After 13 years at Dell, Katrina Hudson understands the impact leadership can have on a team and a culture. She began her career at Dell as one of three women in customer support, working hard to ensure her work was recognized. Now, as a leader of her own team, Katrina creates an open space for her team to feel empowered and welcome. She encourages them to embrace their differences and to bring their authentic self to work every day, creating a sense of meaningful work for both her and her team.

      • I always felt like I had allyship from my leaders. They always valued my work, and they gave me space to be myself and opportunities to grow.

    • Continuous listening strategy

      Accountability requires awareness. Our continuous listening strategy captures year-round feedback through open and honest conversations between Dell leadership and team members. These conversations help us understand our culture, risks, strengths and growth opportunities. ​

      Tools, like our annual employee engagement survey Tell Dell, help us understand and enhance the experience of our global workforce.   ​

    • Culture, diversity and inclusion governance

      Dell has been championing inclusion for many years, hiring our first Diversity Officer in 2000. Since then, we have made continuous progress to our CD&I initiatives. Our Global Diversity Council, consisting of senior leaders and chaired by Michael Dell, provides accountability and strategic guidance to ensure we're building a diverse and inclusive culture.

      Our commitment to an inclusive workforce extends beyond our team, impacting communities, partnerships and public policies, reflecting our dedication to industry-wide change.

    • Compensation, benefits and pay equity

      At Dell Technologies, we believe people should be equitably compensated for the value they deliver to our customers and stakeholders, no matter their gender, ethnicity or other factor. We routinely review salaries — and make adjustments if needed — to ensure we pay employees fairly and consistently as compared to their peers and the relevant compensation market.

      We offer comprehensive benefits packages and have tailored our rewards programs to focus on attracting, motivating and retaining elite talent.

    • Inclusive policies and guiding principles

    • Dell Code of Conduct

    • Diversity and Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

    • Dell’s Guiding Principles on Accessibility

    • Learn more about our inclusive workforce

    • FY24 ESG Report

      In our annual ESG report, we demonstrate how our commitments drive climate action, accelerate the circular economy, support digitally inclusive communities and champion our inclusive workforce.

    • Be Your Authentic Self

      See our culture in action, allowing team members to bring their authentic selves to work.