• Culture and Impact

    Creating an inclusive culture that empowers and inspires

    • Through our Culture Code and People Philosophy we are creating a culture where our people feel empowered to achieve, have a sense of balance, be connected with those around them and accepted for who they are. We believe that innovation thrives when people work in an inclusive culture where they can be their authentic selves and feel that their contributions matter. Diverse thoughts and experiences, combined with an accepting, collaborative workplace, lead to truly meaningful work.


      Driving innovation through meaningful work

      When people work in an inclusive culture where they can be their authentic selves, they're able to innovate and feel that their contributions matter. Diverse thoughts and experiences combined with an accepting, collaborative workplace leads to truly meaningful work.


      Advancing inclusivity through education and conversation

      Be the Change is Dell’s foundational learning program focused on topics related to inclusion. It helps cultivate a culture where all team members can be their authentic selves, thrive, and grow their careers. The four on-demand and self-paced learning modules cover the strengths of our differences, unconscious bias, ingroups and outgroups, and microaggressions.

      • Inspiring Leadership

        Educating and empowering our leaders

        We are defining what inclusive leadership means at Dell, from awareness of biases and how they can affect culture, to being collaborative and culturally intelligent. We integrate inclusive principles and practices into all our leadership development programs and trainings.

      • Read Katrina's story: After 12 years at Dell, Katrina Hudson understands the impact leadership can have on a team and a culture. Read more +

        She began her career at Dell as one of three women in customer support, working hard to ensure her work was recognized. Now, as a leader of her own team, Katrina creates an open space for her team to feel empowered and welcome. She encourages them to embrace their differences and to bring their authentic self to work every day, creating a sense of meaningful work for both her and her team. Show less -

      • I always felt like I had allyship from my leaders. They always valued my work, and they gave me space to be myself and opportunities to grow.

    • Learn more about our inclusive workforce

    • FY23 ESG Report

      In our annual ESG report, we demonstrate how our commitments drive climate action, accelerate the circular economy, support digitally inclusive communities and champion our inclusive workforce.

    • Be Your Authentic Self

      See our culture in action, allowing team members to bring their authentic selves to work.