• Girl student gaming on laptop.

    Girls Who Game

    Girls Who Game is a program that develops STEM and leadership skills while having fun through gaming.

    • Learner-driven education for STEM-related career skills

      Girls Who Game is an extracurricular program created by Dell Technologies with partners Microsoft and Intel. It provides an opportunity for underserved students across the world to learn about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through gaming. The players learn such skills as computational and critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, problem-solving, and innovation. The players are empowered to become leaders in STEM related fields.

    • Additional Programs

    • Student TechCrew

      This innovative global program promotes future career skills and learning via hands-on experience, as students help their peers and school staff members with technology issues.

    • Solar Community Hubs

      Made from refurbished shipping containers and powered by the sun, the Solar Community Hubs are connecting young learners across the globe to the digital world outside their communities.

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