• Volunteering

    Empowering our team members to give back to our communities

    • Just as we believe technology is the center of human progress, we know that when our team members get involved in supporting nonprofits, the impact of our charitable efforts can go even further.

    • Dell’s team members across the globe do tremendous work to help improve the communities where we live and work every day. We support and recognize those efforts with our Employee Empowerment programs, which include volunteering initiatives, matching donations our team members make, and supporting places and people affected by disasters around the globe.

      In fiscal year 2021, Dell team members logged more than 516,000 hours of volunteering. We reward that community service with a voucher for $150 USD that every team member who logs 10 or more volunteering hours in a quarter can donate to a vetted charity of their choice. We also match our team members' charitable donations to vetted charities – up to $10,000 USD per team member per year.

      If you are part of a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (or a vetted equivalent) and would like to let Dell team members know about your mission, you can contact us at Dell-Support@YourCause.com.

    • Learn more about our progress

    • Developing a more diverse workforce with STEM

      We’re committed to providing the building blocks of tomorrow’s digital workforce, regardless of race, gender, or ability.

    • Creating empowered team communities

      Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) help foster an inclusive culture in which team members feel valued, engaged and inspired to do their best work.