• Dell EMC Artificial Intelligence Solutions

    Bring AI to Your Data with
    Dell Generative AI Solutions

    • Move from AI-possible to AI-proven

      Unlock faster outcomes, accelerate transformation, and boost employee productivity with AI and GenAI solutions.

    • Validated Designs for AI

      Dell Technologies Validated Designs are tested and proven configurations, designed from the start to dynamically fit needs based on specific use cases. 

    • Solution Description Resources
      Generative AI with NVIDIA Generate higher quality, faster time-to-value predictions, and help accelerate decision-making with a joint architecture from Dell Technologies and NVIDIA.
      AI for Virtualized Environments VMware-enabled AI with NVIDIA AI Enterprise on Dell infrastructure
      AI MLOps with cnvrg.io Standardize machine learning pipelines with cnvrg.io to minimize friction for data science and engineering teams from research to production
      Automatic Machine Learning

      Automate algorithm selection, feature generation, hyperparameter tuning, and model assessment to ease and speed time to AI

      Conversational AI Deliver extraordinary, effective, and efficient AI-enabled customer and employee experiences on voice and digital channels (including chatbots and virtual assistants).
      NVIDIA Fleet Command By deploying this design, IT admins can take secure, remote control, simplifying deployment and powering resilient AI across the network in minutes



      APEX for Artificial Intelligence

      Get the AI-optimized solutions you need on your terms.


      Accelerate Generative AI innovation for your organization

      Speed your time to tangible value with expertise to help you  build a strategy, implement the platforms and prepare your data, adopt promising use cases, and scale operations across your organization.

    • Resources

    • Al-ready infrastructure

      Deliver the best AI performance3 and simplify sourcing, deployment and management of AI infrastructure designed for the generative AI era – with technology, innovation and Dell Technologies advantages to deliver smarter, faster outcomes.

    • PowerEdge XE Servers

      PowerEdge XE servers are Acceleration-Optimized, purpose-built for complex compute, GenAI and AI/ML/DL and HPC intensive workloads.

    • Dell PowerScale Storage

      Flexible and massively scalable to handle all types of data—structured, unstructured and semi-structured.

    • Dell Precision Workstations

      State-of-the-art capabilities that enable every organization to have access to the transformative power of AI.

    • Dell Data Protection

      Data management and protection solutions that safeguard your data wherever it needs to be, for every stage of the AI lifecycle.