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    Safety and Security

    Leading the industry with an outcomes-based process for computer vision

    • To help ensure the safety and security of employees, customers and visitors to your organization’s environment, we provide essential safety and security infrastructure solutions from the edge to the core to the Cloud, aligned with our robust partner ecosystem.

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      Transform your digital safety and security solutions today.

    • Partners validating engineered safety and security solutions

      Safety and Security Partner Validations

      Partner Validations

      Deploy with confidence in your safety and security solutions with our validated partner solutions.

      • Simplify deployment with leading providers
      • Reduce risk with lab-validated solutions
      • Configurable solutions that work with our partners
    • Engineers transforming safety and security back end infrastructure

      Modern Safety and Security Infrastructure

      Essential infrastructure solutions

      Industry-first essential infrastructure solutions from the edge to the core to the Cloud for safety and security transformation.

      • #1 global safety and security infrastructure provider1
      • Technology solutions for safety and security
      • Expand at the speed of your organizational requirements
      • Enable new use cases and applications for safety and security
    • Video safety and security cameras in stadiums

      Safety and Security Services

      IT transformation services for safety and security

      From the edge to the core to the Cloud, our experts can accelerate time-to-value for your safety and security objectives.

      • Consulting, deployment and support services
      • Managed, education and Cloud services
      • Payment solutions
    • Traveler walking in an airport that uses computer vision

      Safety and Security Design Solutions

      Embedded & Edge Solutions for safety and security

      Dell Technologies computer vision solutions for safety and security help make the world smarter and safer.

      • End-to-end portfolio
      • Partner ecosystem
      • Computer vision labs
    • Safety and security solutions for your industry

      Ensure a safe environment by leveraging innovative digital safety and IT security technologies.

    • Envision safety and security transformation through innovative technology.

    • Every customer receives exactly what they need with our safety and video security services.

    • Graymatics transforming CCTV to help ensure the safety of urban populations

      Customer Story: Graymatics

      Smarter CCTV security for a transforming world

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