• Teradata Solutions powered by Dell Technologies

    At the heart of data and the data center

    Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors
    • Flexibility of the cloud with the control and security of on-premises

      Our hybrid, multi-cloud world demands greater data mobility and real-time business insights at scale. Teradata Solutions powered by Dell Technologies deliver the flexibility, control and security modern businesses need for enterprise data management and advanced analytics

    • Fully Integrated and Tested Solutions

    • Optimized for Performance and Availability

    • Easy Deployment Plug-and-Play

    • "The integrated technology provides the control and security of on-prem to meet customers’ need for holistic, data-driven insights."

      Hillary Ashton, Chief Product Officer at Teradata

    • Success across industries.

      Organizations of every size are driving transformation with our IT-centric approach.

    • Self-service analytics sandbox

      Empower your data scientists and developer teams with their own workspaces for data and analytics exploration. Doing so provides them freedom to experiment, reboot, delete the data, and start over without affecting the data for the rest of the organization or consuming the entire system for lengthy periods of time.

    • Regulatory compliance

      Keep data warm and query-able to meet regulatory compliance requirements and mitigate risk. Equip your organization with the power, scalability, and reliability to access all your valuable data and respond with agility and accuracy to the fast-changing regulatory requirements of today and tomorrow.

    • Complex and mixed workloads

      Offer broad access to integrated data for advanced analytics of all types. Address your service goals at a lower cost by prioritizing workloads and applications in a way that uniquely maximizes system resources, delivers predictable performance at scale, and returns the most for your investment.

    • Combining Dell’s Server, Storage and Networking capabilities with Teradata’s VantageTM Platform

    • Quick Start

      An analytic appliance optimized for ease and speed of deployment

      • Customer installable – operational within hours
      • Easy data movement and sharing with other Vantage deployments and third-party data sources
      • Start small and grow to ultra-scale, all within a consistent Vantage software stack
    • Analytic Archive

      A query-able, cost-optimized high-capacity archive appliance for simple workloads

      • High-capacity solution optimized for cost-to-store and high data-to-compute ratio
      • Easy data movement to offload active archival data from primary production system to online, tiered query-able archive
      • Consumption-based economics – pay as you grow from 200 TB to 10s of PBs with APEX-as-a-Service offers
    • Enterprise Data Warehouse

      A purpose-built, optimized, highly available data and analytics appliance for enterprise, production-scale deployment

      • Enterprise-scale performance, reliability, and serviceability
      • Advanced analytic workload capabilities, prioritization of workloads
      • Flexibility – can run on a single-node or multi-node clique; using different storage types; and various virtual machine sizes
    • Additional Resources

    • PowerEdge R740xd Rack Server

      A versatile server with extra storage capacity and I/O performance. Designed for data-intensive applications.

    • PowerEdge R640 Rack Server

      Provide scalable, secure, high-density computing. Designed for software-defined storage, private cloud, and high-performance computing (HPC).

    • Dell PowerVault ME5 Storage

      Optimized for SAN/DAS, PowerVault ME5 storage delivers the performance, capacity and operational simplicity that price-sensitive, small to medium-sized businesses demand.

    • Dell Unity XT Unified Storage

      Simplify your digital transformation path with Dell Unity XT hybrid flash arrays. These storage systems are the ideal solution for running general purpose workloads that do not require the low latencies and speed of all flash/NVMe architectures.

    • Dell ECS Enterprise Object Storage

      Dell ECS, the world’s most cyber-secure object storage1, boasts unmatched scalability, performance, resilience, and economics.

    • Dell PowerSwitch Networking

      The Dell networking portfolio enables customers to meet the demands of modern workloads from the edge to the core to the cloud – today and tomorrow.

    • 1Based on Dell analysis comparing cyber-security software capabilities offered for Dell ECS vs. competitive products, September 2022.