Data Sanitization and Data Destruction for Infrastructure Services

Data continues to grow and drive strategic advantage. Data security issues and compliance, as well as data privacy regulations are escalating. Innovation and sustainability commitments are key business priorities, while data security concerns can stall progress. Providing security and advancing sustainability are top of our mind with continuous innovation to drive you forward.​ Learn how our recycling and sustainability services secure infrastructure data while protecting your IP, the environment and your brand reputation.

Data Sanitization

Data Destruction


Data erasure; hardware retired, returned or repurposed

Dell PowerEdge, PowerVault, SC Series, PS Series, Storage, Data Protection, HCI, CI, Connectrix and similar 3rd party

Offsite with Asset Resale and Recycle

Retire equipment in secure and sustainable manner

Dell PowerEdge, PowerVault,
SC Series, PS Series, and
similar 3rd party


Physical removal and destruction (shredding) of data-bearing assets

Dell PowerEdge, PowerVault, SC Series, PS Series,
Storage, Data Protection, HCI, CI, Connectrix
and similar 3rd party

Features and Benefits

  • In addition to Dell enterprise equipment, we service virtually any 3rd party vendor HW
  • 2B+ pounds of electronics recovered since 2007 – and that’s just the beginning
  • Decades of experience managing asset disposition for customers across the globe
  • Consistently recognized for achieving the highest standards for environmental compliance worldwide


Enable Compliance

  • With strict policies and procedures guiding every step of the journey

  • Enable compliance with industry and business standards including US NIST 800-88R1

  • NIST compliant certificate provided upon service completion


Promote Sustainability

  • Accelerate the circular economy, eliminating the concept of waste by first evaluating parts for resale or reuse

  • Recycling options that meet or exceed local regulatory guidelines

  • Electronic waste we process is tracked, documented and managed through the entire chain of custody


Keep Data Secure

  • Navigate an asset refresh or retirement without fear of data compromise

  • Data on legacy systems is secured and rendered unrecoverable from unauthorized access

Dell Technologies | Prioritizing security, our planet and your business

Compliance is daunting, we can help

Protecting sensitive company, employee and customer data and adhering to regulatory changes is challenging.

  • Many firms say they’re unable to identify which requirements are most important
  • And they find it’s challenging or very challenging to comply with various regulations

With strict standards guiding how we do business, as well as those who do business with us.

  • Managing the environmental impact of our products
  • Creating an inclusive, safe work environment for our teams
  • Ethical & environmental standards for materials used by us and suppliers.