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Application Servers

Power your application server with Dell technology

As web applications have grown increasingly important to businesses and their customers, application servers have become a critical piece of a small business' infrastructure. Application servers provide an environment where specific applications can operate.

Application servers also deliver the processing power and memory required to run apps in real-time. PowerEdge servers are most valuable when integration between databases and other servers is required.

To ensure high availability and smooth performance for applications, businesses need application servers that offer exceptional reliability, performance, and security. That's why so many IT teams deploying application servers turn to PowerEdge technology.


Explore PowerEdge tower servers. These are designed to grow with your organization and are ideal for small, large & remote offices.


Explore PowerEdge rack servers. These are designed to accelerate performance across the widest range of applications.


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The advantages of an application server

Application servers provide significant benefits for IT teams that manage business-critical applications. These servers are often used when a high amount of processing power must be consistently delivered, and they can also help "centralize" data security.

Application servers also can improve overall application performance by limiting network traffic. These servers can also develop and run a variety of web-based applications for organizations, and they can help cut company costs from a long-term perspective.

Simple management
An application server can significantly simplify server management, by providing an integrated and centralized way to keep applications updated and upgraded.

Enhanced performance
The performance of large and heavily used applications can be significantly improved by an application server that offers more control over network traffic. An application server can also improve fault tolerance by providing failover recovery capabilities.

Greater security
An application server provides centralized authentication and data access management, preventing unauthorized access and attacks like SQL injection. This is an improvement over other servers, which often require older and more outdated methods of accessing data and applications.

Application servers from Dell Technologies


PowerEdge servers provide the highest performance for a wide array of workloads from the edge, to the cloud, to the core. With a broad range of tower, rack, and modular infrastructure devices, PowerEdge technology can easily handle the responsibilities of an application server, network server, web server, multimedia server, or dozens of other functions.

PowerEdge devices can speed deployment and improve application performance for databases, high-performance computing, and virtualization environments.

PowerEdge servers offer many benefits for managing and running applications.

Easy scalability
Highly scalable architecture and flexible internal storage help to achieve optimal performance across the widest range of applications.

Built-in security
A deep layer of defense built into every server's firmware and hardware helps to protect customers, data, and the business. Cybersecurity is one of the most significant issues for small businesses, and this built-in security could help prevent breaches and attacks of all kinds.

Streamlined management
Intelligent automation simplifies server management, automating tasks from deployment to retirement while significantly increasing productivity. PowerEdge servers can help streamline operations so that employees can focus on other duties, responsibilities, and aspects of your organization.

Types of PowerEdge servers

The PowerEdge portfolio offers application servers in several form factors. Each server can be configured with a wide range of components, making it easy for IT teams to acquire a custom server that meets the exact compute and storage requirements of the business.

Tower servers
PowerEdge tower servers are available in a range of sizes, from mini-towers to rack platforms. These devices provide the performance, versatility, and quiet operations that make them ideal as small business servers.

Rack servers
PowerEdge rack servers are available with AMD EPYC or Intel Xeon Scalable processors to maximize performance across various applications. Available with 1, 2, and 4 sockets, Dell rack servers are ideal for a small server rack while providing flexibility for further expansion. Enhanced memory speeds, faster NVMe storage options, and BIOS tuning improve efficiency by making it easier to match performance to workloads.

Modular infrastructure
PowerEdge modular infrastructure combines the density and efficiencies of blade servers with the simplicity and cost-benefits of rack-based systems. These devices optimize IT and infrastructure for traditional, new, and emerging workloads.

With PowerEdge, IT organizations can be equipped with future-ready application servers. These can easily expand and adjust based on computing, networking, and storage needs at that time.

Why choose Dell Technologies for your business?

Why choose Dell Technologies for your business?

Premium products
All of our products are designed to provide secure, powerful, and reliable systems. Built with cutting-edge technologies for maximum operational effectiveness, our products adapt and scale to your business needs

Comprehensive IT solutions
Support the growth of your business with our IT Solutions. We provide a full portfolio of products that include support & services and on-site assistance. The fully supported and secure solutions are designed to help keep your data secure and your infrastructure strong.

Expert support
We have over 30 years of experience in helping small businesses succeed. Our team of IT experts provides personalized advice and tailored solutions. Easily reach us by call, chat, or email to keep your small business ready for what’s next.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an application server?
An application server is a server used to host services and applications. They provide both the environment in which applications can operate as well as the processing power and memory required to run in real-time.

What are the benefits of an application server?
An application server improves performance by exercising control over network traffic, easing the burden on large and heavily used applications. Application servers also make it easier to manage applications by centrally applying changes, upgrades, and patches. An application server enhances security by centralizing authentication and data access management and adding another layer of protection against attacks like SQL injection.

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