Best Laptops for Engineering Students

Choosing the best laptops for engineering students

For today’s engineering students, a laptop is an ideal computer for handling all the requirements of engineering coursework. The best laptops for engineering students can compete with a high-end desktop, delivering all the processing power and graphics capabilities needed to run the most demanding engineering applications. Dell laptops provide additional flexibility and portability that enhance studies, enabling improved productivity and easier collaboration with fellow students.

Dell also offers mobile CAD workstations. These workstations can help engineering students achieve more accurate simulations, introduce more product iterations, and improve productivity in general.
Dell Precision can offer faster performance, with exclusive AI-based Dell Optimizer for Precision software.

Dell is an innovator of laptops for engineers as well as professionals in media, entertainment, financial services, life sciences and other industries. Precision mobile workstations are also among the best laptops for engineering students, offering various devices that deliver immersive productivity, intelligent performance and ultimate reliability.

When purchasing laptops for CAD applications and other engineering programs, engineering students must look for devices that are built with specific critical components.

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What engineering students need in a laptop

Processing power
The best laptops for engineering students feature the latest generation processors with faster clock speeds to handle the processing-intensive demands of programs like CAD, AutoCAD, Matlab and SolidWorks.

High-end graphics card
A powerful graphics card is required for rendering images and 3D models. Many of these graphic cards also support VR/AR and artificial intelligence, some of the most relevant emerging technological trends today.

Maximum RAM
Random Access Memory (RAM) accelerates the performance of a laptop by enabling the processor to access data more quickly. 8 GB of RAM is a minimum; 16GB of RAM is preferred for engineering students.
Error Correcting Code (ECC) memory is also available, it identifies and fixes single bit memory errors for a layer of reliability which is useful when building models.

Long battery life
A battery that can run for at least 8 to 10 hours between charges enables engineering students to move between classes and labs without charging their device.

Lightweight frame The best laptops for engineering students are packaged in thin, light frames that won’t add significant weight to backpacks. Engineering students that might travel long distances with their devices (walking on campus, for example) can appreciate the lightweight frame here.

Precision mobile workstations for engineering students


Precision mobile workstations are among the best laptops for engineering students available on the market today. Precision workstations offer professional-level components that deliver the power, speed and reliability students need for maximum performance. Dell has also honed its workstations with an incredible new design and incorporates over 20 years of insight and innovation.

Intelligent performance
Precision mobile workstations are built with the latest Intel Core or Xeon processors. Selected systems include smart thermals, ambient sensing displays that adjust the screen brightness and low blue-light capability that reduces eye fatigue.

Built-in AI
Dell Optimizer for Precision is built-in AI-based optimization software that learns and responds to the way users work. Intelligent features intuitively analyze and adjust critical areas of the system to improve performance, intelligently adjust audio, optimize the Wi-Fi connection, improve battery run-time and other elements for greater productivity.

Improved uptime
Dell Reliable Memory Technology (RMT) Pro software reduces downtime by working with ECC memory to identify and fix single-bit memory-related errors and to quarantine bad memory sectors so you don't try to write to them, helping to avoid blue screens. RMT Pro also lets the user know when memory is at a critical level and needs to be replaced.

Reliable connectivity
With an array of connectivity options, Precision devices offer excellent remote learning capabilities.

While Precision mobile workstations are among the best laptops for engineering students, these powerful business laptops are also the best laptops for programming and financial services applications.

Rendering images with NVIDIA graphics cards

Precision mobile workstations are built with NVIDIA graphics cards, the world’s most powerful GPUs for visualization. NVIDIA GPU cards feature large memory, optimized drivers, advanced features, over 100 software certifications and IT management tools to deliver an unparalleled mobile workstation experience.

Why engineers and students choose Precision workstations

Why Dell Mobile Workstation

Outstanding technical support
Dell ProSupport offers several levels of technical support, allowing students to choose the ideal amount of technical assistance. Every Precision Workstation includes technical support delivered online, over the phone and via chat.

Price match
If you find a lower advertised price on the Internet for the same Dell laptop or an equivalent product, Dell will match the price.

Free shipping
Every laptop from Dell ships free of charge with no minimum purchase. And if you don’t love your device, you can return it easily within 30 days. Learn more here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best laptops for engineering students?
Engineering students need laptops that combine power and performance in a lightweight device. These devices are specifically designed to handle the most demanding applications across industries. Dell Precision mobile workstations are among the best laptops for engineering students on the market.

What features are required in laptops for engineering students?
Because engineering students must run several processing-intensive, visual-based applications, the best laptops will be built with faster processors and powerful graphics cards. Also, laptops with 16GB of RAM enable faster performance, and SSD storage provides speedier reboots.