Best PCs for Gaming

What’s the best PC for gaming?

It’s the question asked by gamers everywhere: “What’s the best PC for gaming?” The answer, of course, depends on the player and the game. The best PC for entry-level gaming will be much different than the best device for competitive players. The latest games with intensive graphics will require a PC with far more CPU and GPU power than less visually driven titles.

No matter what your skill level or the type of gaming experience you enjoy, you can build your perfect gaming PC setup with products from Dell. From PCs for casual gamers to the most powerful custom gaming PCs on the market, Dell provides a broad range of options to meet the needs, budget and style of play of every gamer.

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Features of the best PC for gaming

The best gaming PCs are built with specific components that can handle the processing-intensive demands of high-end video games.

The fastest CPUs
Because games tend to require large amounts of processing power, the best PCs for gaming are typically built with the latest generation CPUs with faster clock speeds to process data quickly. Choosing the latest generation and highest-end processors will provide uncompromising performance for intense gaming and VR.
Powerful graphics cards
For rich, crisp images and smooth, fluid video, gaming PCs need a dedicated graphics card with ample video memory. To get the highest performance, two or more graphics cards can be linked together to boost total gaming performance. This configuration increases the available frame rate and provides more depth and detail. With the added horsepower of dual graphics cards, you can use higher resolution displays and enjoy high-definition (HD) gaming without sacrificing graphics performance.

Advanced cooling
With powerful CPUs and graphics technology, gaming PCs are susceptible to overheating. The best gaming PCs often combine heatsinks, cooling fans and liquid cooling to keep components operating at optimal performance levels.

Random access memory, or RAM, stores temporary data while the CPU is performing tasks. More RAM allows a PC to do more things simultaneously. 8GB of RAM is considered adequate for simple PC games. However, 16GB is preferred for serious gaming.

Storage drives
Traditional hard disk drives (HDDs) are great for storing the large amount of data that games require. Solid state drives (SSDs) provide more speed and stability, improving performance when starting a PC, loading games, and saving progress. For high-end gamers, a dual-drive configuration is recommended. Dual drives equip PCs with both HDD and SSD storage devices, allowing the best of both worlds. The best gaming PCs will also have abundant storage, which is typically provided by drives that are 1TB or more.

The best PCs for gaming from Dell

Dell offers several product lines that make it easy to find the best PCs for every gaming scenario.
The best PCs for gaming from Dell

Dell offers several product lines that make it easy to find the best PCs for every gaming scenario.

Alienware Gaming PCs
Alienware laptops and desktops are among Dell's best PCs for gaming.. With designs that are tuned for ultimate performance, Alienware PCs give serious gamers everything they want from their devices. Alienware Aurora devices are built for desktop gaming purists and eSport competitors. Engineered with up to the latest processors and optional liquid-cool graphics, these gaming PCs offer multiple upgrade options to achieve peak performance. Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition is intended to be the best PC for gamers who create. Up to 16-core third generation AMD Ryzen™ processors deliver the power to develop explore new worlds. With a daring design inspired by jet engines, Alienware PCs offer a boldly unique, sculpted form that stands out from the crowd.

G Series Gaming Laptops
G Series laptops are designed to provide entry-level and mainstream gamers an intense gaming experience. These laptops are equipped with powerful CPUs and GPUs and feature a thermal design that helps keep you going with your game. With the latest NVIDIA graphics cards and Intel or AMD processors, these gaming laptops provide powerful performance.

In addition to desktop gaming systems, Dell offers a wide range of other gaming equipment, including custom gaming laptops, 4K gaming laptops and some of the best 144Hz monitors in the industry.

Dell gaming accessories

Along with the best PCs for gaming, Dell offers all the accessories and peripherals you need for a complete gaming experience.

Gaming monitors
Dell gaming monitors render gaming images and video in jaw-dropping detail and vivid color. Choose from screen sizes from 24-inches and up, and from Full HD 60Hz displays to 4K 144Hz monitors. Dell also offers several curved and ultrawide curved monitors that provide a more immersive experience.

Gaming audio
Choose from wireless and wired headsets that let you hear every detail of every game. Or select gaming speakers and sound bars that immerse you in the full-bodied sounds of battle.

Gaming keyboards and mice
Alienware keyboards offer programmable keys and dedicated volume control that let you customize your experience and take control of every battle. Alienware gaming mice deliver the precision for competitive gameplay, along with programmable buttons that let you personalize your style of play.

Why choose a Dell gaming PC?

Gaming Monitor Choose

More support options
Every Dell gaming PC includes several options for support. From technical support and troubleshooting provided online and over the phone, to premium support options for 24x7 assistance, accident coverage, virus protection and PC optimization services.

Free shipping
All Dell gaming computers ship free of charge with standard delivery and no minimum purchase.

The lowest price
With Dell Price Match, Dell will match a lower advertised price on a Dell gaming PC or an equivalent system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best PC for gaming?
Dell G-Series and Alienware both have award-winning machines built for gaming.

What features make the best PC for gaming?
The most competitive gamers playing the most processing-intensive titles will need PCs with faster processors, more powerful graphics cards and lots of RAM. Monitors with faster refresh rates help to eliminate screen tearing and stuttering, while displays with lower response times allow players to react more quickly to information on the screen.