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Finding the right business computer

From desktops and the most powerful workstations to mini PCs and the lightest laptops, companies have a wealth of choices when it comes to choosing the right business computer. The key to selecting the most effective solution is to match the device with how the end-user puts it to work, what applications they use most, and their style. Most businesses are trying to find a solid balance between user productivity and cost-effectiveness. As one of the world's leading technology providers of computers for work, Dell has a broad assortment of business computers that give individual workers the tools they need to stay productive and connected.


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A business computer for every user

The right business computer for your workers depends on their role, workflows, workspace, and productivity needs. Are you buying a business computer because you are working from home? Are you a creative professional that is constantly on the road?

You should take some time to determine the reason for your business computer before deciding on the best business computer for you.

Corridor Warriors
These employees are typically on-premise but spend the day running from meeting to meeting. Their computing needs focus on mobility, docking and undocking, connectivity, battery run-time, and the ability to present, collaborate and share files.
Business laptops and 2-in-1s are a great option because they offer mobility, flexibility, and productivity.

Remote workers
These workers need flexible, secure devices that can enable easy access to files, connectivity, remote collaboration, and conferencing.
Business Desktops and all-in-ones are ideal for all of these particular needs and preferences.

Mobile workers
As these employees are often on the road, they need small and light devices that have fast connectivity, long battery run time, easy access to files with exceptional collaboration tools.
Business laptops are particularly useful for mobile workers since they are easy to set up and portable. Their sleek design works for the company office, the local coffee shop, or the upcoming virtual conference.

Professional creatives need powerful machines that offer a high level of performance and displays that bring stunning visuals to life. How else can they focus on their video, animation, or graphic projects?
These users will want an all-in-one computer or workstation depending on the degree of processing power needed to run certain applications.

Engineers need high-performance machines that can process large data sets, render 3D models and work with AI and machine learning applications. Most engineers are best outfitted with a workstation to maximize their productivity and save them time between iterations.
Workstations that can handle a variety of datasets, applications, and workflows are ideal for them.

Business computers from Dell


Dell provides computers for every type of business user. With proven reliability, ultimate performance, and exceptional user experiences, Dell's business computers deliver the productivity users require to drive the business forward. We understand that companies need the latest innovative technology to stay ahead of the competition.
Dell offers several business computer product lines that make it easy to match devices to the needs and workflow of every user.

Latitude Laptops for Business
Latitude laptops and 2-in-1s are among Dell’s best computers for business. Designed to be small and light, these stylish laptops have exceptional mobility and productivity. Innovations like narrow border screens and advanced cooling solutions ensure users can work comfortably from anywhere.

Its broad array of ports and accessories make setting up for remote offices and conference rooms a breeze. And with Dell Optimizer, these business computers use AI and machine learning to improve application performance, connectivity, audio settings and battery life in the background.

Precision Workstations
Precision workstations are built to handle the most demanding applications across a broad array of industries. These workstations are available in multiple form factors. With the latest processors, professional graphics and scalable memory and storage options, Precision devices are some of the most powerful workstations in the world. Ideal for video-editing, data-crunching, AI and VR, or CAD, Our Precision workstations feature award-winning designs, innovative security solutions and a world-class ecosystem of displays, accessories, and performance optimization software.

OptiPlex Desktop Computers
OptiPlex offers versatile desktops and all-in-ones built for business that provide greater flexibility, space-saving form factors and ultra-stylish designs. Flexible form factors make it simple to find a desktop that fits any workspace. The latest processors and next-generation graphics cards deliver the performance users need to tackle processing-intensive projects and support VR consumption.

Vostro Business Laptops
Vostro desktop and laptops are Dell's small business computers. Affordable devices in a professional design with essential productivity features, built-in security, reliable support and flexible options, Vostro computers are a strong option for the typical office worker. They feature space-saving designs, the latest processors, and plenty of ports for easy connectivity.

Delivering a better experience with Dell Optimizer

Dell Optimizer is a built-in artificial intelligence software that gives users the best PC experience possible. The software automatically learns a user's behavior and preferences to create a smarter, more personalized experience. Dell Optimizer automatically improves the application, and overall system performance increases battery run time in the background and ensures fewer disruptions for users.

Innovative features of Dell Optimizer include:

Experience seamless Wi-Fi. New ExpressConnect automatically joins the strongest access point in the office and directs bandwidth to conferencing applications, wherever you work.

With Intel® Adaptix™ Technology, prioritize your most important apps so they open faster and perform better.

Get to work fast with our PC proximity sensor enabled by Intel® Context Sensing Technology that detects your presence to instantly wake and log you in via the IR camera and Windows Hello, all without lifting a finger. It locks when you walk away, so your work stays safer.

Dell Optimizer extends runtime and improves battery performance by adapting to your patterns.ExpressCharge Boost delivers up to 35% charge in about 20 minutes, or up to 80% charge in an hour with ExpressCharge.

Intelligent Audio
Collaborate like you're in the same room. Intelligent Audio enhances your audio quality and reduces background noises, so you can hear and be heard, creating a better conference experience for all.

What makes Dell business computers great?


Superior support
Dell ProSupport proactively monitors issues so they can be fixed before they impact the business. In-region ProSupport engineers are ready to help with on-site service the next business day. A single call connects you with hardware and software support and assistance from third-party suppliers.
Our automatic case creation removes tedious steps in the repair process. Dell Prosupport engineers can help tackle your complex IT issues quickly and efficiently.

Free shipping
Every Dell business computer ships free of charge. Returns are simple within the 30 days following purchase. Learn more.

Price match
Getting the best deal with Dell is easy. If you see a better-advertised price online for a Dell business computer or equivalent product, we'll match that price. It's that simple! More details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best business computer?
Choosing the best business computer comes down to the type of workloads the device will run and each user's style of work. Laptops are ideal for a mobile workforce, while powerful workstations are required for processing-intensive applications.

When physical space is at a premium, mini PCs and all-in-ones are great space savers.

What's important in a business computer?
Studies show that users want business computers that are personalized for their style of work and their comfort. They want their technology to adapt to their preferences and learn from their behavior. Users also want uninterrupted workflow, high performance, a sleek design, and be able to transition between devices seamlessly.