Business Laptops

Choosing the right business laptop

When it comes to selecting a business laptop, the sheer number of choices can be overwhelming. Every brand offers multiple product families, and every model offers a wide range of features and components. From processing power and storage to durability, choosing the best computer for business comes down to determining how the device will be used and what components are essential. With clear requirements in mind, businesses can select the best laptop for every user, workload, and application.

As an innovator in computers for the workplace, Dell’s range of laptops are designed for a variety of work environments and provide the ability to customize devices for specific purposes and use cases.

Why Dell business laptops

Explore versatile and sleek Latitude and Chromebook 2-in-1s, designed to inspire your next big idea.

Business-class Laptops

Great offers on powerful laptops are live. Shop Latitude & Vostro laptops and Precision mobile workstations on sale.

Business-class Laptops

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What to look for in laptops for business

Business laptops are equipped with a broad array of features.

Processors, graphics cards, and RAM
The amount of processing power and memory that a laptop may need is determined by the types of applications it will run. Common business applications require only a mid-level processor and a moderate 4GB to 8GB of RAM, while graphic-intensive applications will need more computer power. On the other hand, a laptop for engineers working with 3D modeling should have the very latest processors with multiple cores, the latest high-end graphics, video cards and 16GB to 32GB of RAM.

Large, high-definition displays offer a more immersive viewing experience. Displays with 4K resolution are ideal for creative professionals working in video, graphics, photography, and animation. Laptops with smaller screens are more portable and will have longer battery life, making them perfect for corridor warriors and workers on the go. 

Workers in areas like government, public safety, field services, and others, devices that offer reliable performance while protecting itself from drops and harsh environments. Rugged laptops designed to perform in harsh environments are critical for workers in fields like industrial manufacturing, transportation, and construction.

Hard drives
Hard disk drives (HDDs) offer higher volumes of storage at a lower price, while solid-state drives (SSDs) offer faster performance and a more compact design. For most work purposes, SSDs are far superior to HDDs. SSDs offer greater reliability and stability, as the moving parts in an HDD are much more susceptible to damage from bumps and drops. The speed of SSDs is critical to the laptop’s performance when working with processing-intensive applications.

Dell business laptops

Dell business laptops

Dell provides laptops for every user, workload, and business purpose. The Latitude and Vostro families of laptops, as well as Precision mobile workstations, are designed for the specific needs of various workers.

Vostro laptops are designed with the needs of small business users in mind. Delivering key productivity features, reliable security, and outstanding support, these laptops offer exceptional affordability for small businesses. State-of-the-art processors ensure faster performance, while anti-glare displays offer easy viewing. Multiple ports ensure easy connectivity, and a thin and light design makes these devices easily portable. Vostro devices are the perfect laptop for finance applications, productivity suites, and other common office software packages.

Features include:

  • Space-saving, professional designs
  • Commercial-grade security with hardware protection and storage for encryption keys
  • An array of ports to connect to both legacy and next-generation technology
  • Exceptional support with optional 24/7 priority access to ProSupport or ProSupport Plus engineers
  • Tested and certified by leading industry software application providers
  • Dell ExpressCharge enables an empty battery to charge to 80% in about one hour when the system is turned off and to 100% in approximately two hours
Latitude laptops are the world’s most intelligent PCs with built-in AI. These small, light, and stylish devices are designed for mobility and productivity. With innovative designs, easy connectivity, untethered power, and smarter systems, Latitude laptops increase the speed of productivity while delivering industry-leading security. Available as standard laptops or 2-in-1 laptop tablets, Latitude devices are among Dell’s best laptops for business and personal use.

Features include:
  • Longer battery life
  • Narrow border screens and advanced cooling solutions that let users work comfortably anywhere
  • A wide array of ports for remote office or conference room set up
  • SafeScreen and camera shutter options for greater privacy
  • The latest processors for peak business performance
  • Dell Optimizer, a built-in, AI-based optimization software that learns and responds to the way you work
  • Tested and certified by leading industry software application providers
Precision mobile workstations
Precision workstations are Dell’s most intelligent and powerful laptops. Precision workstations are the ideal laptops for CAD users and applications in media and entertainment, engineering and manufacturing and oil and gas. With award-winning designs, 4K InfinityEdge displays, state-of-the-art thermal cooling, and top-end performance, Precision mobile workstations are designed to optimize performance and ensure reliability.

Features include:
  • The latest generation processors and graphics cards
  • Premium design and professional-level components
  • Essential and high-end displays are available, with ambient sensing, blue-light reduction, and touch options
  • Dell Optimizer for Precision with features like ExpressSign-in, ExpressConnect, ExpressResponse, Intelligent Audio, and ExpressCharge that intuitively analyze and adjust critical areas of the system for greater productivity
  • Reporting analytics that help to identify bottlenecks and improve resource planning
  • Reduced downtime through more reliable memory, with Error Correcting Code (ECC) and Dell's Reliable Memory Pro software.
  • Immersive productivity features built for emerging technologies such as VR and AI
  • Tested and certified by leading industry software application providers

Why choose Dell for laptops?

Why choose Dell for laptops?

Expert support

Dell products come with technical support provided via phone or online, with many options for additional support. Dell experts can provide installation services, as well as maintenance for servers, storage, and networking. And Dell SupportAssist for PCs helps to stay in front of issues before they become costly.

Free shipping and easy returns

Products purchased from always ship free with standard delivery, and returns are easy within 30 days. More details here.

 Price Match Guarantee

Dell’s Price Match Guarantee ensures you always get the best price, before or after you buy. If you find a lower price advertised on the Internet for an equivalent product, Dell will match that price. Learn more here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a business laptop?
A business laptop is a portable computer that is designed specifically to meet requirements for certain applications and use cases at work. Business laptops may be built with higher-end components, more advanced productivity features, stronger security, and wider options for connectivity.

What’s the difference between business laptops and personal laptops?
The line between a business and a personal laptop is not always distinct – many laptops can be used for both purposes. Business laptops are designed for business applications, secure business-class operation, and travel. These devices also tend to have features that enable stronger security and that simplify IT management.