Chromebooks for College

Get affordable computing power with Chromebooks for college students

Chromebooks are transforming the way that computers are integrated into higher education settings. One of the reasons that Chromebooks have become so popular is because they take advantage of cloud computing and storage resources. Ultimately, Chromebooks provide affordable, yet powerful technology for college students, classrooms and remote learning.

Aside from a wide range of students laptop, Dell offers several families of Chromebooks for college students that are idea for higher education settings.

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Advantages of Chromebooks for college students

Chromebooks are personal computers built on the Chrome Operating System rather than Windows. Chromebooks rely on Internet access to provide users with a broad range of computing resources and offer several advantages over traditional Windows-based laptops for college use.

Affordable computing power
Because Chromebooks are far less complex than typical laptops, they tend to be less expensive as well. For college students on a budget, this is obviously a huge plus.

Long battery life
With fewer internal components to power, Chromebooks allow students to stay connected and productive throughout the day as they move between classes.

Chromebooks are less likely to be affected or immobilized by viruses and malware. In fact, Chromebooks have become a "go-to laptop” for security experts due to the fact that they offer more security than other similar laptops and devices.

Chromebooks are built for greater durability and are less likely to require troubleshooting and service. This is because they are made up of fewer components, which makes it much more reliable for college students dealing with intense workloads.

Fast startup
Chromebooks can power on or resume within seconds, preventing any delays in learning or note-taking.

Chromebooks for colleges and universities

Chromebooks for College

Dell offers several families of Chromebooks and laptops that are ideal for different settings and purposes within higher education. Chromebooks have been designed for speed, simplicity, and security, which is integral for students that are focused on their college assignments.

The Dell Chromebook 3000 Series is a reliable and cost-effective solution for bringing computing power into college classrooms. These devices offer best-in-class durability, research-based design, stability and management that make them ideal for the rigors of demanding education environments.

Best-in-class durability
Dell Chromebooks are driven by thoughtful design and rigorous testing that deliver ultimate durability. Dell remains committed to creating Chromebooks that can survive college classrooms and college life in general. Chromebooks are designed to survive multiple drops and bumps.

Faster, smarter experiences
Dell Chromebooks for school settings are designed to create faster and smarter educational environments for college students. Their long battery life provides up to 14+ hours between charges on select devices1 . These Chromebook broad connectivity options include USB Type-C for faster power and data transfer.

Why choose Chromebooks from Dell?


Dell ProSupport
Every Dell Chromebook and laptop comes with technical support provided online, over the phone and via chat. Institutions can choose from a range of additional support options that free IT teams from routine maintenance and troubleshooting. Additional information here.

Free shipping
All Dell Chromebooks ship free of charge with standard delivery and no minimum purchase. Learn more.

Gain more computing power with Latitude Chromebook Enterprise

Latitude Chromebook Enterprise combines the performance and features of the Latitude family with the ingenuity of Chromebooks. With Chrome Enterprise, higher education institutions can easily manage, deploy, and implement policies to all Chromebooks.

Ground-breaking speed
With the latest Intel processors, Latitude Chromebook Enterprise provides college environments with up to 3X faster app experiences and up to 2X faster web browsing.

More memory
Latitude Chromebooks are the only Chromebook laptop with up to 32 GB of RAM and up to 512 GB of SSD storage.

Durable builds
Dell Chromebooks are designed for durability. Latitude Chromebook Enterprise systems have also passed 17 MIL-STD 810G tests2.

Connectivity options
Stay connected with USB-A, USB-C and HDMI connectivity. In addition to Chromebooks and laptops, Dell provides college students with options for desktop computer all-in-one and the best laptops for gaming.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Chromebooks for college?
Chromebooks are personal computing devices that typically run on the Google Chrome Operating system. Chromebooks for college students are Chromebooks that are designed for the computing needs of higher education settings.

What are the advantages of Chromebooks for college students?
Because they are built with fewer and less sensitive internal components, Chromebooks are more lightweight devices that offer durability3 ,longer battery4 life and faster startups.

For college students that are hoping for devices that are smart, quick, and durable – Chromebooks are the clear choice.