Computer Towers

The versatility of computer towers and desktops

When it comes to business computers, desktop models are often the right technology solution. While these devices can be large, computer towers are more versatile when it comes to customization, upgrades and display options.

There is no question that laptops, mini-PCs and all-in-ones may offer a sleeker and more aesthetically pleasing user experience. However, desktop computer towers are still the best computer for business in terms of cost-effectiveness and scalability.

Dell has computer towers in several desktop product lines. From entry-level desktops to the most powerful workstations available today, Dell makes it easy to find a desktop for every workload and user work style.

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Advantages of computer towers and desktops

Faster upgrades
Swapping out or upgrading components is far simpler with a computer tower than with a laptop or all-in-one, as most components are removable. This is one of the clearest advantages of computer towers, and it can help your small business adapt to the future.

Cost-effective power
The cost of computer towers and the components they house is typically less than the cost of laptops, all-in-ones and computers with other form factors. This is particularly important for companies that are focused more on the bottom line than maintaining a certain “aesthetic.”

Simple customization
A tower makes it easy to configure a desktop with the processors, memory, drives and graphics cards that are ideally suited to the user’s workload. Usually very accessible to upgrading or replacing parts. If you are interested in ensuring that your organization can scale in the near future, then thinking about customization is essential.

Easier cooling
Computer towers are designed with more space around components, making it easier to keep them cool.

Flexible display options
Because the monitor is separate from the tower, users have many more options for choosing the display that is ideal for their needs.

Computer towers from Dell

Dell products

Several families of Dell products are available in form factors that include computer towers.

OptiPlex devices offer compact computing towers and adaptable, space-saving designs with custom deployment options for work areas where space is at a premium. OptiPlex towers deliver uncompromising productivity, thanks to the latest processors, DDR4 RAM, next-generation graphics cards and ample options for connectivity. Purpose-built accessories provide OptiPlex users with all the tools they need to boost productivity. Optiplex devices are space-saving while still offering incredible functionality and AI-optimization software that can help optimize business processes. Aside from towers, OptiPlex also come in desktop all-in-one form factors.

The Vostro family of PCs is designed for the needs of small businesses. Vostro desktops provide everything small businesses need – and nothing they don’t. These computer towers feature space-saving professional designs, the latest processors for faster performance and plenty of ports to keep users constantly connected.

Vostro computers are great for small businesses since they offer enhanced security and reliable support.

Precision desktop workstations are among the world’s most powerful. Built to handle the demands of heavy-duty workloads and processing and graphic-intensive applications, Precision workstations are available in a variety of form factors from ultra-small desktops and mini-towers to large towers.

These workstations are equipped with the latest processors, scalable memory and storage options, professional graphics cards, smart management solutions and performance optimization software and additional reliability features, especially when compared to typical PCs.

Computer towers for exceptional user experiences

Dell computer towers provides technology that allows users to work the way they want.

Day One productivity
Dell ProDeploy in the Unified Workspace makes it possible for users to begin working as soon as they start up their new system.

Optimized performance
Dell Optimizer features built-in AI software that learns a user’s behavior and adjusts desktop settings based on user preferences to create a personalized user experience. Precision workstations come with additional optimization features within Dell Optimizer for Precision.

Personalized hardware
Dell has a wide range of pre-configured computer towers that enable users to find a system that will perfectly match the job they need to do and the way they like to work.

Uninterrupted workflow
Dell provides the tools that IT administrators need to ensure uninterrupted workflow by maintaining the security, reliability and efficiency of each device.

Why customers prefer Dell


Free shipping and easy returns
Dell computer towers ship for free, and returning equipment is easy within the 30-day period following a purchase. Learn more.

Outstanding support
By proactively monitoring issues, Dell ProSupport enables fast time to resolution for various issues that may arrive.

Support services include in-region ProSupport engineers who are ready to help with on-site service the next business day. One call to ProSupport provides access to hardware and software support assistance and communication with third-party suppliers. Dell believes in offering professional technical support that is always accessible.