Curved Gaming Monitors

Go deeper with a curved gaming monitor

When you want a more immersive gaming experience, a curved gaming monitor extends your line of sight to take you deeper into every adventure. The curved screen maximizes your field of vision, reducing eye movement so you can stay comfortably focused on the game longer.

Curved gaming monitors from Dell and Alienware offer wide-screen displays with the latest in color coverage technology. These innovative monitors deliver sweeping, immersive visual experiences where you can view colors exactly as they were meant to be seen by game designers and content creators.

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The benefits of a curved gaming monitor

A curved gaming monitor delivers ultimate visual experience for casual and competitive gamers. As you think about building your gaming station, consider this monitor as a great partner to the best PCs for gaming

An immersive experience
A curved screen gives you the feeling of being in the middle of the action. Graphics and video on a curved screen will feel very realistic.

Enhanced peripheral vision
The wider view on a curved monitor enables better peripheral vision, giving gamers an additional edge during fast gameplay.

Comfortable viewing
Curved monitors help reduce eye strain and provide a comfortable close-up viewing experience.

Curved gaming monitors from Dell

Curved Gaming Monitors

As an innovator in monitor technology, Dell offers curved monitors that are at the forefront of gaming technology. With screen sizes up to 34 inches and furiously fast refresh rates, curved gaming monitors from Dell improve the odds and heighten the viewing experience for every game and every battle.

Features of Dell curved gaming monitors include:
• Screen sizes up to 34 inches
• Vertical Alignment (VA) or Fast IPS Nano Color panel types
• Aspect ratios up to 21:9
• Refresh rates up to 165Hz
• Brightness up to 400 cs/m2 (typical)
• Color support up to 1.07 billion colors
• Response time up to 2 ms (gray to gray)
• Contrast ratio up to 3000:1 (typical)
• A wide range of connectivity options Dell and Alienware curved monitors are designed gear up your gaming PC setup.

What makes gamers choose Dell?

Gaming Monitor Choose

Constant innovation
We listen to our customers and design monitors to meet demands for today and tomorrow.

Proven reliability
Enjoy peace of mind with monitors that are proven to deliver and that are backed by an exhaustive testing regimen. Panel exchange programs are also available in some monitors.

Award-winning quality
Multiple awards and top reviews from leading publications are a testament to the enduring quality of Dell monitors.

Eco-friendly design
Dell monitors conform to environmental certifications and are shipped Styrofoam-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a curved monitor?
A curved monitor is a computer display with a slight curve in the panel of the monitor. This curvature provides a more uniform viewing experience with less distortion around the edges of the screen.

What is a gaming monitor?
A gaming monitor is a computer display with features that enable fast-paced motion graphics to be fluidly rendered on the screen. The fast refresh rates of a 144Hz monitor or 240Hz monitor provide a more fluid visual experience, while higher resolution monitors enable better representation of motion, color, and sharpness. Faster response time – the time it takes a single pixel to change color, measured in milliseconds – eliminates things like motion blur or trails behind moving images. And Adaptive-Sync technology helps to eliminate screen tears or glitches.

What is a curved gaming monitor?
A curved gaming monitor is a display that has both a curved panel and features that enable fluid, stutter-free visuals during gameplay.

What are the advantages of a curved gaming monitor?
Curved gaming monitors provide users with a more immersive experience and richer visuals while reducing eyestrain.

What’s the best size for a gaming monitor?
The best monitor size for gaming depends on the resolution of the display, but screens between 24 inches and 34 inches are typically considered ideal.