Custom Gaming PCs

Play harder with a custom gaming PC

For gamers who want every competitive edge, a custom gaming PC provides the opportunity to tweak system performance and personalize their equipment for their individual preferences and skill level. From overclocking processors to adding RAM and programming macros on a keyboard, a custom gaming PC setup ensures that players can compete on their terms with equipment designed for their play style.

As an innovator in gaming technology, Dell offers pre-built gaming PCs that have been custom configured to meet the needs of any gamer.

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What is configured in a custom gaming PC?

As Gaming PCs are customized for your specific gaming needs, you will want to look at the individual components that make them legendary.

GPU or graphics cards
A dedicated graphics card may be the single most crucial component in a custom gaming PC. Processing-intensive games will do better with the latest graphics cards with more built-in RAM. Ideally, you should invest in a PC that’s configured with the best graphics card.

CPU or processor
While the GPU does most of the heavy lifting in a custom gaming PC, a faster processor can help the entire system keep up with the heavy demands of gaming. CPUs with faster clock speeds, multiple cores, and multithreading technology will improve the speed of systems and the fluidity of games.

Memory or RAM
Random-access memory, or RAM, holds short-term information continually being used and accessed by the CPU. Too little RAM will result in bottlenecks. 8 GB of RAM is considered the minimum for most games, while 16 GB of RAM is ideal for heavy-duty processing.

Storage drives
Games require PCs to store a lot of data in-game files. Hard disk drives (HDDs) offer higher volumes of memory and lower cost, while solid-state drives (SSDs) are faster and safer but more expensive. A Gaming PC that has been configured with an SSD is ideal, but a larger HDD is an alternative for optimal performance.

Dell Gaming PCs: custom-built for battles to come

Dell Gaming PC

Dell has a range of gaming PCs that have been pre-configured to deliver a gaming station that’s ideal for every player’s preferences and skills.

Alienware PCs
Alienware desktops and laptops are among the best PCs for gaming from Dell. Designed for gamers who want the absolute latest technology, Alienware PCs combine up to the latest processors, graphics cards, and vast amounts of RAM to pack unprecedented performance into a legendary and iconic design. For gamers seeking a custom gaming PC setup, Alienware PCs offer options for CPUs that support overclocking that won’t overheat the system.

G Series PCs
G Series gaming PCs combine the latest processors, discrete graphics cards, and easy expandability to deliver split-second responsiveness and immersive gaming experiences. With up to the latest processors and powerful NVIDIA graphics cards, Dell custom gaming PCs enable high-powered, uninterrupted gameplay. Up to 128 GB DDR4 3200 MHz RAM ensures overall advanced performance during intensive gaming, and optimal airflow technology ensures that Dell gaming PCs stay cool during intense sessions.

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How to choose your Dell custom gaming PC

It’s easy to find your gaming PC when you order on Begin by choosing between Alienware and G Series gaming PCs. Next, browse through a wide range of pre-built configurations that have been customized for distinct gaming needs. Each option illustrates the loaded processor, graphics card, memory, hard drive, wireless technology. Once you have chosen the best custom gaming PC for you, you may also choose support and warranty options along with software and accessories. Each time you select, the total price of your configured device will appear at the top of the screen, along with any special offers that may increase your savings.

Why choose gaming PCs from Dell?

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Premium support
Every Dell gaming PC comes with technical support delivered online and over the phone. Dell also offers a range of upgrade options to provide the exact level of support every gaming PC owner needs. More details.

The lowest price
With Dell, getting the best deal on a gaming PC is simple. If you see a lower advertised price for a Dell product or equivalent system, Dell will match it.

Free shipping and easy returns
All Dell products ship free of charge with standard delivery and no minimum purchase. And if you’re not happy with your Dell system, you can return it with no hassle within 30 days after your purchase. Learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a custom gaming PC?
A custom gaming PC is a computer equipped with specific components to improve the speed, responsiveness, and quality of gameplay.

What are the benefits of a custom gaming PC?
A custom gaming PC lets players build a gaming tower that is ideally suited to the games they play. From upgrading the CPU and graphics card to adding additional RAM and tweaking performance settings, a custom gaming PC helps players gain a competitive edge and allows them to adjust their technology to their style of play.